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DEPARTMENT: Accounting
REPORTS TO: President 
To ensure the financial stability of CBS, the successful candidate will take responsibility for managing the AR and AP which includes data entry and generation of all supporting reports.  They will manage billing, collections, credit applications, and financial reporting for the corporation.  They will keep the President abreast of all major accounting issues while managing daily tasks and making sound decisions.  They will work with outside accountants to provide all necessary data to maintain books and all other accounting records.  They will be responsible for maintaining the company’s operations files for leases, insurance, tax documents, profit sharing reports and the like.
• Customer and Vendor Facing Responsibilities
      o   Invoice all CBS orders within 24 hours of receipt of invoice or shipping memo
• Provide customers with emailed invoices
      o   Provide customers with monthly statements prepared by the 15th of every month (for customers where necessary)
      o   Manage credit application process
      o   Manage customer profiles in the Company database for terms, contacts and email addresses
      o   Reconcile RMA credits
      o   Handle incorrect invoices received from vendors within 48 hours
      o   Manage AR and AP
• Proactively identify risks to cash flow (problem payers, required payments) and notify management immediately
• Proactively make recommendations for risk accounts to be placed on hold
      o   Develop, maintain and improve customer and vendor relationships with emphasis on people orientation
• Financial Operations Responsibilities
      o   Manage and propose improvements to daily financial processes and the general ledger
• Manage daily bank deposits
• Reconcile daily credit card batches
• Manage the check register
• Set aside funds for bi-monthly payroll and fixed expenses such as rent, insurance and the like
• Provide management with daily bank deposit, AR, AP information
      o   Provide daily, weekly, monthly accounting reports to the President
      o   Prepare monthly bank reconciliation
      o   Support month-end closing activities with data and reports
      o   Maintain inventory records for work in progress and items stored at vendors
• General Responsibilities
      o   Complete accurate records and paperwork as required
      o   Review all aspects of activities with President regularly
      o   Responsible for all operating leases, tax filings, government requirements, and the deposit or mailing of these items
      o   Other duties, as assigned
Customers – Foster and maintain professional relationships while addressing collection issues.  Foster strong brand identify of CBS creating compelling reasons for customers to want to continue to buy from CBS.
Vendors – Develop, maintain, and improve vendor relationships that consistently result in positive outcomes for the Company.
President – Provide accurate records of accounts and awareness of any potential accounting threats and/or concerns.
Internal Operations – Provide data related to bookings, shipments, invoicing and aging.  Provide data related to costs of purchased items, vendor purchase history, costs of manufactured items, and estimating costs of manufacturing/buying items.  Support sound data-driven decision making with financial data (historic and proposed).
• Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
• Positive attitude and ability to work well with others and alone
• Detail-orientation
• History of success coupled with success-orientation
• Demonstrated ability to make profitable business decisions weighing risk and reward
• Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with an eye on commitments and deliverables
• Demonstrated strong organizational, relationship management and conflict management skills.
• Strong computer skills (familiarity with Microsoft Office products, spreadsheets, databases, ERP/MRP systems)
       o   Familiarity with Peachtree, Sage50, Excel, Word, Outlook, and ACT
• BA in Accounting or Finance
• 5 years minimum experience in a business accounting position with emphasis on G/L maintenance and A/R, A/P activities