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Gator Pro Audio Cases & Bags

Gator Pro Audio Cases & Bags

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From mobile audio studio backpacks and gigbags for laptops, iPads and audio gear to ATA tour mixer cases, Gator Pro Audio Cases & Bags offer the ultimate solution in protection and transport of your professional audio and video equipment. Gator is the leading manufacturer of case solutions for the music and pro audio industries, they supply travel and storage cases to musicians, DJs and pro audio professionals. Audio equipment cases range from portable lightweight audio rack bags to ATA molded rack mount for recording devices and laptops. Replacing expensive video cameras, recorders, plasma screens, and multi-image projection equipment every time you travel is not feasible or economical. Our Pro AV cases will provide rugged protection for your equipment, and will reduce the risk of damage. We have a wide range of rack styles and rack accessories, projector and plasma screen cases, trunk packs, and soft cases custom designed with water jet or die cut foam interiors to protect your equipment. Our sales engineers will help you find the right carrying and protective case for your professional video, audio, and film production equipment. Contact us for a free consultation.


Gator Pro Audio Cases & Cases have range of features that include: Portable lightweight rack, Threaded rail & zip-out flaps, Large outside accessory pockets, Reinforced hard top for supporting amplifier on stage, Rails to prevent amp from vibrating off the stage during performance, Access hole between top & bottom compartments allow the laptop to be permanently connected to the recording gear

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