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K-410 Series

K-410 Series

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Zarges K410 seam-welded aluminum cases offer an ideal transport and packaging solution for a wide range of applications. Ideal for sample presentations or secure transport of sensitive and valuable tools and instrumentation, these robust, lockable carrying cases are characterized by functionality, durability and timeless design. K410 aluminum boxes can be customized with a foam interior to protect your fragile equipment.

Zarges K410 aluminum cases have a range of features that include:

• Stable and Lightweight

• Aluminum case with anodized surfaces for varied applications

• Watertight to protect against dust and splashwater

• Corrosion-resistant

• Ergonomic carrying handles

• Reinforced stacking corners

• Tension locks with protection against bursting open

• Hinged lid with all-round seal

Zarges K410 Series aluminum cases are offered in several sizes or can be custom fabricated to special sizes based on your unique requirements. Our sales engineers are available to discuss your requirements. Contact us for a free consultation.