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K-470 Series

K-470 Series

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The Zarges K470 Aluminum Cases are one of the most rugged metal cases available in stock sizes. Developed in 1950 for NATO and other heavy-duty industrial applications, Zarges cases represent innovation, the highest standard of quality, maximum functionality and a unique design aesthetic. These aluminum cases are designed with the most current technology and case features. Zarges K-470 cases provide the optimum solutions for safe and reliable transport, efficient storage, and protection for your products from extreme transportation and weather conditions. Customize a Zarges case with a custom foam interior in quantities as low as 10 cases.

Zarges K470 Series has a range of features that include:

• Stackable universal case

• Lid with stainless steel hinge, two straps and peripheral foam seal to lid

• Heavy duty extruded aluminum profiles around lid and base

• Peripheral beading and corner beading for enhanced shape retention

• Cast alloy stacking corners

• Snaplocks, can be secured by using lock and key, lead seals or padlock

• Ergonomic drop-type handles with high carrying capacity

• Stackable and pallertisable, meeting pallet dimensions to DIN 15 141

• Spring loaded handle at each end

Zarges K470 Series shipping containers are offered in several standard sizes or can be custom fabricated to special sizes based on your unique requirements. Custom sizes are produced economically in quantities as few as 25 cases. Contact us for a free consultation.

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