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Super V Rack

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Pelican-Hardigg introduces the Super V-Series Rack Cases. The Super-V-Series Case has a frame that is 24” deep and shorter shock mounts to house compact cases and save you space.  For your convenience, the Super-V has edge casters and a Comfort-Grip Handle.


All cases in the V-Series can protect and store up to 170 lbs. of equipment.  Same-size cases have mating column ribs for rigid shells that can be stacked securely.  To equalize air pressure in the case and prevent the vacuum effect that can make opening the case difficult, the V-Series features manual purge valves.  A fully sealed O-ring also makes the cases completely watertight.


Double walled rims for tongue-in-groove seals help keep water, air, and shock from damaging your equipment as well.  Lid hangers and positive anti-shear locks keep the lids attached to the case while it is open.  Recessed hardware adds more protection from impact and prevents snagging during transport.  Metal insert catch and hinge attachment points distribute weight load throughout the case’s walls  Finally, all V-Series corners and edges are reinforced by 15% and 20%, respectively, to protect your equipment even more securely.


What’s the difference between Class-V and Super-V? The Super-V Series has a 24” depth frame, molded-on edge casters and comfort grip plastic handles

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