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24 - 30 inch Roto Shock Racks

24 - 30 inch Roto Shock Racks

24 - 30 inch Roto Shock Racks Categories

These Industrial Roto Shock Rack cases from SKB are an instant success with all companies utilizing deep servers such as Dell, Compaq, and Apple. These portable Shock Racks feature a 24" - 30” deep heavy-duty shell that protects an EIA standard shock mounted aluminum frame with front and rear steel rails with 10/32” threaded holes and reversible face plate for square holes. The cases feature a compound hinge system and field replaceable latches that allow the lid to swing completely around to lie flat against the main body of the case. As an alternative, you can go lid-less with an effortless lift motion, reinstalling in seconds with the same ease. The doors are gasketed and the case is provisioned with a pressure relief valve (MIL-STD-648C).

The front and rear lids are designed to protrude into the base of the case approximately 1"; their unique double-wall structure makes them incredibly stiff where this intersection occurs. This new generation of shock racks is engineered to offer MIL-SPEC sealing characteristics with significantly fewer latches than most Roto Shock Racks. This allows for rapid deployment in an up-right configuration — even when the cases are stacked. The standard front-to-rear rail depth is 30" and each lid is 4.5" deep. This SKB shock-rack system stacks securely with the wheels on or off, and its revolutionary design is also the only shock rack that will open front and back while stacked.

This shockrack series features eight elastomeric shocks (load range of 40 to 150 lbs.) with provisions to add additional shocks for an extended payload range. Additional or stiffer shock mounts available and are easily field-installed.

To stand behind the product, these rack cases come with the “Million Mile Guaranty” - you break it…SKB replaces it, for free, for life.

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