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ZERO Scout Rackmounts

ZERO Scout Rackmounts

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ZERO Scout Rackmount case is a lighter, rotomolded, double-entry case designed and engineered to provide complete protection for the most sensitive EIA 19" rackmount equipment and instrumentation. The Scout series is engineered to be lighter in weight (compared to Warrior), your valuable equipment is assured of security and protection in the harshest of environments.

ZERO Scout 19" Rackmount cases meet the rigors of virtually all conditions and environments including extreme altitude, rain, sleet, snow, sand, dust and harsh temperatures.

ZERO Scout 19" Rackmounts have a range of features that include:
• Strong, lightweight polyethylene construction
• Portable, stackable and rugged
• Rack or Frames provide a precise platform for all 19" rackmountable equipment and systems.
• Outer Case Shells are a lighter, rotationally molded polyethylene.
• Elastomeric Chock Mounts with sufficient sway space provide the ultimate in shock protection.
• Exceptionally durable, it is resistant to virtually all industrial chemicals, solvents and acids.
• Ruggedized aluminum vertical stiffeners are anchored to the inner case gussets to offer heavy duty support when cases are in the stacked configuration.
• Vertical mounting rails are formed of high strength steel #10-32 tapped holes for installations of instruments and accessories.
• Lid Hangers are standard on Scout racks and provide a convenient location for lid storage.
• 90 Degree Corner-Locks on all lids provide the ultimate standard of security when lids are closed and latched.

ZERO Scout Rackmounts are available with a standard 19" rack, with a removable rack and without a rack. Available in select U-sizes, colors and configurations. Our sales engineers are available to discuss your requirements. Contact us for a free consultation. expand