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ZERO Transitainer Cases

ZERO Transitainer Cases

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The ZERO Rotomolded Transitainer line represents the ultimate reusable shipping and storage cases at a very affordable price. Transitainers provide a highly reliable, cost effective alternative to other types of storage, shipping and transit cases. A wide range of options, accessories, sizes and colors are available. ZERO Transitainers are manufactured at an affordable price and have outstanding durability and performance. Transitainers are built to last with rotomolded corners 15-20% thicker to absorb shock better. ZERO Transitainer Case is perfect for easy storage and transit with trouble free stacking. Custom Solutions and Custom Foam Interiors for your ZERO Transitainer are also available through Cases By Source.Meets ATA 300 Category 1, and applicable portions of MIL-T-28800, MIL-C-4150 and MIL-STD-108 specifications.

ZERO Transitainer is the ultimate for shipment and storage of applications such as:
• Field portable and sensitive electronic instruments,
• Military applications and monitoring equipment
• Seismic and pollution control instrumentation
• Test equipment,
• Telecommunications test equipment
• Airport and flight guidance systems
• Field computer systems
• Field communications systems

ZERO Transitainer has a range of features that includes:
• Made from rotationally molded polyethylene plastic
• Uniform wall thickness
• Compound color impregnated directly into durable polyethylene plastic shells
• Nearly stress-free shells • Integrally molded tongue and groove closure for a watertight seal
• Extra rugged corner construction
• Gasketed construction with integral tongue and groove closure interlocks top and bottom for environmental protection
• Recessed hardware for added protection
• Meets ATA 300 Category 1, and applicable portions of MIL-T-28800, MIL-C-4150 and MIL-STD-108 specifications
• Wide range of colors using FED-STD-595 guidelines
• Spring loaded rattle proof handles with 90° stops
• Cam action, positive locking latches • Interlocking ribs, top and bottom allow for stacking of containers
• Resists most chemicals and solvents expand