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Branding Capabilities

At Cases By Source, we take your sales kits, product demos, carrying cases, presentation cases and more to the next level. Customization is not just limited to your case’s custom interior, it is the final detail that distinguishes your case from the others and transforms it into a tangible representation of your brand. Make your logo pop. Match your case’s exterior to your brand’s specific color scheme. Mold your case’s shape to that of your trademark. Depend on our branding design capabilities to showcase your product before the case is ever opened.

For small quantities, your case can be branded with a full-color rugged label at minimum cost. For larger volumes, your logo can be molded directly into the plastic, even in four-color process that won’t scratch off.


PMS Color Match

We use the Pantone Color Match System to design cases that evoke your specific brand. Designing a sales kit for Tiffany & Co.? We can match that oh-so-recognizable blue. Home Depot’s orange? No problem. Pantone colors translate easily to painted metal and plastic resins can also be molded to your color specifications.

Debossing / Embossing

From leather or pleather to molded foam to aluminum, we can produce raised (embossed) or sunken (debossed) representations of your company name, logo or graphics. No matter how detailed the image, we can replicate it for an unmistakable mark that links your case with your company and brand.


Bring a splash of color to your soft sided case. Great for highlighting your company name or emblem on a soft case surface, spot color thread embroidery offers a more luxurious look and feel than silk screening with its semi-raised, soft thread texture that can be sewn into even the finest detail.

Hot Stamping / Foil Stamping

Hot Stamping is dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a surface. From leather and pleather to plastic, hot stamping can be used on almost any substrate for a clean, concise visual that reinforces your brand.


From shiny gloss to matte finish to velvet-like textures, flat or domed or die-cut labels, we employ a variety of adhesives (depending on the cases’ substrate) to affix interior and exterior labels that will aesthetically convey your message. For faster turnaround, depend on digitally printed labels for your cases.

Laser Engraving

Highly focused and collimated lasers are used to achieve clean and precise detail in aluminum, wood and plastic. Use laser engraving/etching to efficiently and consistently carve your logo, design or company name into your chosen substrate for unmistakable brand appeal.

Molded In Logo

Molded-in logos are highly customized; the visual representation of your design is created directly into a tool that is stamped and molded into your plastic, metal, or wood case, making it an integral part of your product presentation. We can even bake vibrant 4-color graphics directly into the plastic for color that won’t scratch off!

Silk Screen

Silk screening can be applied to a multitude of case materials including plastic, metal, wood and aluminum. The ink is applied to the surface through a porous mesh material (a stencil, if you will) for sharp, colorful graphic representation that will surely garner attention for your brand name or logo.


Use a “physical negative” template to paint identical letters, numbers, symbols and shapes on your case. Perfect for labeling ATA cases, road cases, military cases, tradeshow cases and shipping cases that are often subject to the hazards of rough shipping methods and/or harsh environments.