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Case Studies

Our Case Studies (no pun intended) provide a unique window into specific customer situations where our team was challenged to design case solutions to meet specific requirements. Some military customers request a solution not to exceed a specific weight as the solution is used by the wartime fighter. Others want a sleek, stylized sales demo case. This gives us the opportunity to design with various molding processes from rotationally molding to injection molding, from polyethylene, to silicone, to medical grade biocompatible resins. We look forward to learning about your requirement...or headache...and how we can work together to provide a value added protective case solution.

Pen Case

A well-known aerospace company wanted to transform the pen they designed for astronauts into a high-end consumer product.  (Read More)

Spinal Implant Sales Case

A client’s sales team was tasked with presenting to the time-starved medical community an array of complex, fragile spinal implants designed for intricate, life-altering surgeries.  (Read More)

Firearms Manufacturer Plastic Case

When their original case supplier went out of business, a manufacturer approached Source with the challenge of duplicating their existing case on a firm budget, with only a two-week lead time.  (Read More)

Dental Display Case

Representatives from a well-respected dental company found Source’s exhibit at an industry trade show. They were looking to develop an updated, dynamic and sophisticated presentation for their traditional instrumentation.   (Read More)

Medical Instrument Trade Show Display

Representatives from a leading medical device company wanted to combine a sales demo case with a trade show display case to make a convenient and portable carrying case for comprehensive presentations.  (Read More)

Wooden Surgical Instrument Display Case

A medical device manufacturer needed cases to display their surgical products in accordance with user feedback. They wanted a stylish case that would allow the sales force to make a dynamic presentation.  (Read More)

Aircraft Brake Case

A leading aerospace company approached Source looking for a reusable solution for transporting 70-pound airplane brakes. Their previous shipping solution consisted of stray, makeshift, and leftover boxes with spray-in foam.  (Read More)

Aluminum Tool Control Case

Our Internet presence inspired an Amsterdam-based lighting and special effects company to contact us about customized tool cases for use on one of Europe’s largest cruise lines. The customer had been using boxes to tote their delicate instrumentation.   (Read More)

Temperature Controlled Shipping Case

A world-renowned beverage company required a custom solution for transporting liquids from far-off, sometimes Third-World nations, to testing facilities on all corners of the globe.   (Read More)

Lean Manufacturing: Tool Control Service Case

A Silicon Valley customer who often works in “clean rooms” was looking for a tool control solution that would allow them to organize and inventory service instruments in an efficient manner without compromising the sterile environment.  (Read More)

Medical Device Instrument Case

A California-based spinal company relied on flimsy corrugated packaging and commercially-produced dunnage to protect their anatomically-driven instrumentation. They came to Cases By Source to explore more effective alternatives...  (Read More)

Consumer Electronics OEM Presentation Case

A top U.S. manufacturer of technological upgrades for office automation equipment and digital devices came to Source looking for protective packaging that would also serve as a marketing vehicle to help the equipment stand out in the technology superstores.  (Read More)

Military Camera System Case

A specialist on active duty for the National Guard Security Force Platoon, wanted to custom build a “Combat Crewman Camera System” for mounting on armored military tactical vehicles and use in various missions and training procedures. He came to us with a napkin sketch and a fixed budget.  (Read More)

Booth in a Box Trade Show Case

Tired of waiting after trade shows for our shipping crates, and observing trade show exhibitors’ poor packing habits and insufficient product protection inspired us to create a better solution for clients who needed a more efficient method of transport for displays and merchandise.  (Read More)

Color Test Kit

A leading company in color control systems came to Source to redesign their color test kit. The existing case was wood and had four wood trays holding the color chips.  (Read More)