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Getting Started

How do I start customizing?

Are you tired of Pick N' Pluck foam? We are too! Now you can design your own professional quality foam. Choose from 2 options to Get Started;

Select a case and start Designing: Choose from a number of brands, styles and sizes

Input your own dimensions and start Designing: No Case, just foam. Specify your exact dimensions

I don't need a case. Can I make just the foam?

Yes you can! Enter the CasePro Designer from this link to specify your own foam dimensions. This feature is perfect for making foam for a case you already have, or simply need custom foam but don't require a case.

From this link, select Change Case under the case photo. At the bottom of this box you will see fields for Length, Width and Depth. Here specific your dimensions then select Change and you are ready to go! See below for help.

Can I make just foam?

The case I need custom foam for isn't on the list?

If your case isn't on this list then Submit a request to have a case added.

Please include;


Part Number


How do I select the right size case?

First, gather all your parts and place them on a flat surface (table or floor). Arrange your parts how you would like them laid out in a case - make sure not to place parts too close to each other. Then measure a rectangle that outline your layout - measuring the Length and Width. Add two inches to each measurement - Length and Width - to account for sufficient padding in your case. That's your interior Length and Width of your case. Finally, take the tallest part of your layout and measure. Add 1 inch, and you have your Interior Base Height. There you have it, you just found the Length, Width and Depth measurement you need in selecting the perfect case.

After you have your dimensions browse our CasePro Designer list to find the perfect case for customizing. Using the filtering options (size, color, brand, etc) you can narrow down the selection.

Once you have clicked on a case. You will see the Product Options. Select the CasePro Designer icon then click Design It! to begin Customizing!.

After you have your dimensions browse our CasePro Designer list to find the perfect case for customizing. Using the filtering options (size, color, brand, etc) you can narrow down the selection. Case Customizer Category page

Once you have clicked on a case. You will see the Product Options. Select the CasePro Designer icon then click Design It! to begin Customizing!. Case Customizer Product Page Selection

Do I have to download and install a program?

NO downloading or program installation required! The Case Customizer is a user-friendly web-based tool. It is accessible through popular browsers on desktops, laptops, and even tablets and iPads?

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome 1+ (works best in Google Chrome)
  • FireFox 1.5+
  • Safari 4+
  • Opera 9.50+
  • IE 6+ (with Chrome Frame plugin, native IE9+ support)

Can I design on my tablet or iPad?

Yes! The CasePro Designer is optimized for tablet and iPad use. No need to download an app or program. Simply enter the CasePro Designer the same way you would as if you were using a desktop or laptop. Best of all, you can start a project on one device and finish on another. Let's say you happen to stumble upon the Case Customizer while browsing your favorite sites on your iPad. You can select a case and begin designing right there. Then you can save and add the finishing touches later on your laptop.

I already have AutoCAD drawings of my parts. Can I send that to you?

Looks like you're on the cusp between the do-it-yourseld model and working with an engineer! Click on the Live Chat icon to chat with our CasePro Designer staff to discuss the best way to proceed in developing your custom case.

You can send us your DWG, DXF, or AI files along with a PDF that shows the depths of each part. Before you send us your drawings we ask that you simplify the drawing first. All we need is the outline of your parts. If your parts have varying depths, please also outline those areas. You can accomplish this by tracing over the outside limits of your parts with simple straight lines. Here is an example of an approved drawing.

Also provide the case part number and any information that will help us design the perfect foam insert for you. Once we receive and review your files you will hear from a Customizer to discuss next steps.

Email us your drawings 

Do you offer insurance?

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your custom foam insert. We strive to exceed your expectations. We understand that designing your own insert may seem complicated. To put your mind at ease. we offer a Standard Protection Plan with every CasePro Designer order. We also have upgradeable Protection Plans.

Case Customizer Protection Plans

Why is it asking me to create an account?

We want you to be able to Save, Reopen, and Reorder your projects. In order to do so we'll ask you to create an account. All that's needed is you email.

Are there tutorials I can follow?

To help you get started we've developed library of tutorial videos ranging from designing common projects to using editing tools. Click here to view the video library.

General Questions

Are there minimum quantity requirements?

No minimum quantity requirements!! The Case Customizer was developed to provide you with all the tools to design your own foam inserts. It provides real-time competitive pricing for orders less than 10 pieces. No need to wait on a quote. Pricing is done in real-time so you can design, order and receive engineered quality foam FAST!

How do I choose which foam to use?

Foam not only offers extra protection for your valuable merchandise, but the addition of foam padding to a case also provides a wide variety of opportunities for stand-out product presentation and organization. We offer a selection of three foam materials in the Case Customizer; Polyethylene, Cross-Link, and Polyurethane

  Polyethylene Cross-Link Polyurethane
Description Used for most applications, PE is a firm foam that protects contents from moisture, water, and most chemicals A rigid PE with little give and is impervious to most chemicals. Cross-Link is generally more expensive, but when aesthetics and durability are necessary, they should be considered The most common polymer used to make foam. PU foam has an elastic cell structure which provides a wide range of performance possibilities
Best Used For
  • Heavier products that require support and positioning
  • High-end presentation
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Tool control
  • Delicate lightweight items
  • Cameras, optics, sensitive electronics
Photo Polyethylene Cross-Link Polyurethane

To learn more about our foam options, Click Here

What's in the lid?

As standard for all CasePro Designer orders, cases will include Convoluted Charcoal Ester (egg-crate) foam in the lid. Convoluted foam is perfect for ensuring your product remains cradled during transport.

Convoluted foam in the lid

How does CasePro Designer foam compare to Pick N' Pluck?

Pick N' Pluck, also called diced or cubed foam, was great for those who want to make a (do-it-yourself) DIY case insert. This stock foam sounded good, but then you wound up spending hours plucking out those tiny cubes. And when you were finally done it wind up looking shoty, or even worse, your part didn'y fit. Tired of Pick N' Pluck foam? We bet you are.

If time and presentation are important to you, CasePro Designer foam is the way to go. We give you the tools to design your own custom foam insert, and receive professional quality foam FAST!

Can I save and resume my project later?

Yes you can! You can Save and Resume projects at any point during the design process. Start a project on your iPad and wrap up the finishing touches later on your laptop.

To access Save projects navigate to the My Account link at the top of the website. From Your Account page select CasePro Designer Projects. Here you can view all past projects. Find the project you wish to resume and select Open Project.

Can I work on multiple projects?

Yes you can! Just make sure to save unique names for each project. To access Save projects navigate to the My Account link at the top of the website. From Your Account page select CasePro Designer Projects. Here you can view all past projects. Find the project you wish to resume and select Open Project.

Can I order multiple projects using the same case?

At this time our checkout system can only process one design in a unique case at a time. For example, we are unable to process two unique designs that are both using Pelican 1500 case. We can process multiple designs if they are in unique cases. For example, you need one design in a Pelican 1500 and another in a 3i-1510-7B. We can do that.

If you need to order multiple designs using the same case please place separate orders for each one. We are working on correcting this. Thanks for your patience.

How is pricing calculated?

One of the great features is our real-time pricing. At any time during your design process you can reference the Pricing Box in the right panel for pricing of your custom case. No need to submit a quote request and wait days for your quote. The price you see is your actual price.

The Starting Price shown is the cost of the empty case plus the cost of your starting foam block. We calculate the foam block based on the material and the size of the case selected.

You will also see a total count of the number of cavities in your design. This is an up-to-date count is used to determine your cavity pricing.

Please keep in mind the total price listed is only for a single custom case. If you are making more than one your total will be calculated once you enter the shopping cart.


How do I know if my parts will fit in the case I designed? Can I send you my parts?

When opting for an upgraded Protection Plan you have the ability to send us your parts anytime after purchase (you cover shipping). Then we will place your parts into your custom case to ensure all your parts fit correctly. We'll then ship you your custom case and parts.

If your parts do not fit properly into the insert you will be notified. Under the Gold Protection Plan, we'll redesign, re-cut and ship to you. Under the Platinum Protection Plan, you will be notified then a CasePro Designer Expert will schedule a call with you to collaborate on the redesign. We'll then redesign and ask you to verify. Then we re-cut, place your parts in the case, and ship to you.

What are cavity libraries?

One of the great features of the CasePro Designer is the Cavity Library. The Cavity Library stores categories of pre-made shapes for you to create your own custom foam inserts. We have categories for popular cameras, laptops, tools and even Apple Products! These pre-made shapes make designing your custom case quick and painless!

Have suggestions for us to add? Send us your suggestions here.

How do you ensure my design works

We want you to have an excellent CasePro Designer experience. In effort of delievering that we programmed design parameters to ensure your design works. Our software gives Real-Time and at Save/Order notifications letting you know if you are not within the design parameters. We make sure your design is valid; from the size and depth of your shapes to their positioning on the canvas. We let you know if any adjustments need to be make to make sure your custom case is manufactured exactly like you want it.

My case won't load?

We run updates to the CasePro Designer ever night. Sometimes in order to see the latest version you may need to clear your browser's cache and hit refresh

Designing (inside the CasePro Designer)

What do the colors in the case represent?

In the bottom right corner you will see this canvas key which will tell you what each color represents

Case Customizer canvas legend

Available Area: in gray, the workable foam area to place cavities

Restricted Depth: in orange, these areas have restricted depth due to wheel wells and pull handles

Off Limites: in red, area around the case wall which is not available for cavities to be placed

Case Wall: in black, this ring represents the case wall. Cavities cannot be place here

Rulers: 0,0 origin is the top left of the canvas


How do I create shapes?

The accordion menu to the right of the case canvas is your cavity library. Here you will find tools to create regular shapes like rectangles, circles, ellipses and polygons. When creating these shapes you will be prompted to enter dimensions for your specific shape - this is not a click and drag tool. Please remember the orientation of the case canvas. Below the shape tools, you'll also see the Custom-Draw tool which allows you to plot points anywhere on the canvas to create your own shape. This tool is great for tracing your own parts.

One of the great features of the CasePro Designer is the Shape Library. The Shape Library stores categories of pre-made shapes for you to create custom foam inserts for. We have categories for popular cameras, laptops, tools, and even Apple products! These pre-made shapes make designing your custom case quickly and painless

Can I change cases while I'm in progress of designing?

Yes you can! You can change cases without losing your design. Click Change Case to select a different case for your project. Your design will load into the newly selected case. Be cautious when changing cases between drastic sizes. Shapes may be not been seen on canvas when you change from a large case to a considerably smaller one.

What are finger notches?

Finger notches allow for easy removal of your items in the foam. You can add finger notches to any of your cavities. Simply select the cavity you choose to add finger notches, click on the settings icon. For regular shaped cavities (rectangles and ellipses) you will have a toggle option for adding finger notches; Top/Bottom, Left/Right, or None. For irregular shaped cavities (cavities created using the Custom Draw tool), you can add finger notches by selecting the cavity you choose to add finger notches, click on the settings icon. In the settings panel there is an option called "Add Finger Notch". This feature adds a 1" diameter circle to the canvas. Select the circle and align it to the edge of your choosing. Then simply select the circle and irregular shaped cavity and Merge Case Customizer Category page

How do I edit the dimensions of my shape?

You can edit a shape at any time after it's placed on the canvas. To resize simply select a shape then drag the handles accordingly. Need to be more exact with resizing? Then select the settings icon of the shape you wish to edit. You will see a popup of all the shapes properties. From this popup you can adjust any dimensions - length, width, radius, and depth - even add finger notches and adjust the corner radius.


How much space should I leave between cavities?

When designing your layout we recommend leaving amble space between cavities. We have validation rules within the Case Customizer that limit the spacing between cavities. The minimum space between cavities is determined by the length of the case. Check out the table below,


Case Length

Min. Distance Between Cavities

1” – 12”


12.1” – 24”


> 24"



What is the Merge tool? How do I use it?

With the Merge tool you can overlap regular shapes like squares, rectangles, circles and ellipses and group them. This allows you to create irregular shapes to fit your parts. The Merge tool then groups these shapes so you can easily move and position these shapes in you design

My part has various depths. How do I make a cavity for it?

Does your part require a cavity with sections of varying depths? You can do this by creating separate shapes of the required depths then Merge them to create a single cavity group.

Is the Zoom 1:1 feature accurate?

Our Zoom 1:1 is a neat feature which allows each user to set to a 1:1 ratio Zoom setting. In this setting, you can hold parts up to the screen to see if they fit in the cavities you created. You can also trace your parts on tracing paper, set Zoom 1:1, tape the tracing to your screen, and create shapes to match your traced parts. You may ask, how accurate is this feature? It's pretty accurate with a few exceptions

  • The Zoom out is limited to the case size. If the selected case is small then you may not be able to zoom out passed the current limit - Zoom Fit-In - to get to the 1:1 ratio
  • Dual screens with different pixel densities


How do I order?

The CasePro Designer is a true DIY solution. You can customizer and order directly through the website. When you are finished designing your foam insert make sure to Save. Then click Order Case. Your case and custom foam will be sitting in your shopping cart waiting for you to checkout. Need to make a revision? No problem, from the shopping cart you can click Edit Project. You'll be brought back into the CasePro Designer to make an revisions. Then select Order Case again to send it back to the cart.

Once ready, follow the checkout steps to complete your order. You'll receive an order number along with a confirmation email and your design attached.

Can I order large quantities of my design?

The CasePro Designer offers competitive pricing and lead times for up to 10 pieces. If you require higher volumes our engineered solutions may be a better fit. The next step is to Submit a Quote or Live Chat to get in contact with a sales engineer to discuss your project.

For high volumes you can also design your foam insert in the Customizer, Save it, then email us your Project Name, Foam Type and Desired Quantity. We will prepare a competitive quote to that quantity.

How soon will my custom case(s) be delivered?

There is a 3-4 week lead time for all CasePro Designer orders.

Can I expedite my CasePro Designer order?

Production on CasePro Designer orders cannot be expedited. There is a 3-4 week lead time. However, you can select an expedited shipping method at ship out. If selected your case(s) will ship that method as soon as production is completed.

How do I reorder?

One of the perks of using the CasePro Designer is convenience. You can design on your own time, order whenever you choose, and reorder in a cinch. Reordering a past project is painless.

  • Simply login to your account at
  • Select CasePro Designer Projects from your Account Home
  • From this list select the project you want to reorder, click Open Project
  • You can Order the exact same design, or modify it to any needs
  • When ready select Order Case
  • Your Reorder will be sent to the cart for checkout

You Design it, We make it. It's that simple.