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CasePro Designer is an efficient alternative to the costly service of professional engineered solutions and a major upgrade from the pre-scored Pick N' Pluck foam. CasePro Designer offers a user-friendly web-based software that gives the user computer-aided designing and manufacturing. No downloading or program installation needed. The CasePro Designer is accessible through popular browsers (see support browser list) on desktops, laptops, and even tablets and iPads! The best part, NO minimum order requirements!

Table Of Contents
Glossary of Terms Canvas Legend
About Bottom Panel
Getting Started Cavity Libraries
Designing Shape Properties
Ordering Before You Start
Design Tips Using on Tablets
The Interface Getting Help
Pricing Box - Real Time End


Glossary of Terms

  • Canvas: the available area for a design
  • Design: case selection + foam selection+ the contents of the canvas layout
  • Shape: 2-dimensional top-down representation of a cavity's size and position on the canvas
  • Depth: the value, associated to a shape that specifies how deep it will be cut from top of the foam. Shape + Depth = Cavity.
  • Cavity: the cut into the foam based on shape and depth values. Merged shapes are also referred to as a cavity.
  • Shapes: panel of tools that allow user to create regular shapes; Rectangles, Ellipses, Polygons and Custom Drawn shapes
  • Shape Library: accordion menu of categorized pre-made cavities. Libraries include Apple Products, Cameras, Laptops, Medical, etc.
  • Finger notches: 1" diameter circles attached to a cavity that allows for easy removal of your items in the foam. 

1. About

About the CasePro Designer

Tired of plucking out those tiny foam cubes? You don't need the headache anymore. The CasePro Designer is the web-based tool for designing your own custom foam inserts. The CasePro Designer is used for creating custom foam inserts in a number of brands, styles and sizes. Designing your case is easy with shape tools and our shape libraries of popular products. Best part, NO minimum quantity requirements

The CasePro Designer's Intended Users 

  • People who need only 1 or 2 cases, and know that pre-scored Pick N' Pluck foam just isn't going to do it for you.
  • People who want the quality of a custom case but can't stomach the huge price tag and long lead times. The CasePro Designer gives you the best and most cost efficient alternative to the costly service of professional engineered solutions for and a major upgrade from the pre-scored Pick N' Pluck foam

"That didn't describe me!"

  • Need high volume of custom cases? Then you're on the cusp between the do-it-yourself model and working with an engineer! Submit a Quote Request or Click on Live Help to chat with an Engineer about the best way to proceed in developing your custom case.
  • Already have a CAD design or drawing of parts? Great, you are ready to work with one of our Engineers. Submit your request and drawings.

Why You Should Use It

  • Perfect for custom case quantities less than 10. NO minimum order requirements!
  • Web-based program - No installation required
  • Accessible on your desktop, laptop and even tablet
  • Receive engineered quality foam FAST
  • Includes Standard Protection plan (upgradeable)

Supported Browasers and Devices

The CasePro Designer is a web-based tool that can be used on desktops, laptops and even tablets and iPads! No downloading or installation required! It works best in Google Chrome, but check below for a full list of supported browsers.

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 1.5 +
  • Chrome 1 +
  • IE 6 + (with the Chrome Frame plugin, native IE9 support)
  • Safari 4 +
  • Opera 9.50 +


2. Getting Started

Creating a user account

You definitely don’t want to spend an hour designing your perfect case only to lose it because you couldn’t save it.  Save yourself the frustration and create an account with us so you can save any and all work you do in the CasePro Designer. Before you start designing your custom case you will be prompted to create a user account or log in. If you already have a user account with Cases By Source, great, you can use the same log in. Don't have an account? Not a big deal, with one painless step you will be off designing. Create your Account Now.

Getting to the CasePro Designer

Choose from 2 options to Get Started;

Select a case and start designing (Can't find the case you are looking for? Submit a request to have a case added.)

                          -- or --

Input your own dimensions and start designing

Getting to the CasePro Designer from Other Pages

Want to know how to access the CasePro Designer from our homepage or one of our project pages?  Check out this tutorial to learn how!

Choosing the right case or custom foam size

You may already have a specific case style in mind, waterproof, aluminum, plastic, etc. That's great. Now you need to choose the right size.

  1. First, gather all your parts and place them on a flat surface (table or floor). Arrange your parts how you would like them laid out in a case - make sure not to put parts too close to each other.
  2. Measure a rectangle that outlines your layout - measuring the Length and Width.
  3. Add two inches to each measurement - Length and Width - to account for sufficient padding in your case. That's your interior Length and Width.
  4. Finally, take the tallest part of your layout. Add 1 inch, and you have your Interior Base Height. There you have it you just found the Length, Width and Depth measurements you need in selecting the perfect case.

Choosing the Right Foam

Before you start designing your custom case you will choose the type of foam. We offer 3 foam material options in the CasePro Designer; Polyethylene, Cross-link and Polyurethane.

  • Polyethylene: is a closed-cell,non-abrasive foam that is best used for heavier products that require support and positioning.
  • Cross-link: is an aesthetically appealing, non-porous foam that is best used for high-end presentation, medical instrumentation and tool control.
  • Polyurethane: is a soft, cushiony, open-celled foam that is best used for delicate, lightweight items like cameras, optics and sensitive electronics. 

Learn more about which foam is best for you.

If you already have a case, you can make just a custom foam insert

One of the great features of the CasePro Designer is that it is not just for those who want case + foam. You may already have the case or not need a case at all, but want custom foam. Enter the CasePro Designer from here, you will have the option to specify your own foam dimensions for your project. Simply input Length, Width, Depth.

Accessing saved Designs

At any time during your design process you may save and pick up later. That means you can start a project on an iPad and finish on your laptop.  

Designing on multiple devices

Did you start designing on your iPad and now want to wrap up the finishing touches on your laptop? No problem, the CasePro Designer allows you to Save and Resume projects at any point in your design process from any device. You can also work on and save multiple projects simultaneously. Need to reorder? That's easy, no need to redesign your custom case. Simply go into your My Designs area, select the project you want to reorder, and select Order.

3. Designing

After you have chosen your case and foam type you will be presented with a blank case canvas. The legend in the bottom left will assist you with the areas you can design in. 

Case Customizer Cavity LibraryCreating Shapes

The accordion menu to the left of the case canvas is your cavity library. Here you will find tools to create regular shapes like rectangles, circles, ellipses and polygons. When creating these shapes you will be prompted to enter dimensions for your specific shape - this is not a click and drag tool. Please remember the orientation of the case canvas.  Below the shape tools, you'll also see the Custom-Draw tool which allows you to plot points anywhere on the canvas to create your own shape. This tool is very useful for tracing your parts.

Shape Library

One of the great features of the CasePro Designer is the Shape Library. The Cavity Library stores categories of pre-made shapes for you to create custom foam inserts for. We have categories for popular cameras, laptops, tools, and even Apple products! These pre-made shapes make designing your custom case quick and painless! 

Photo Trace Tool

Sometimes your equipment is so delicate, a square or circle that encompases its perimeter is not enough.  Sometimes you need even more customization. The Photo Trace Tool can help with this! Simply upload a picture of your object and the Photo Trace Tool will autotrace it for you. You could even trace it manually to ensure you get the excatly the fit you want. After tracing, simply enter your object's length and depth to finish your custom foam cavity. To learn more, click here for a full tutorial on the Photo Trace Tool.

Editing Shapes/Cavities

You can edit a shape at any time after it's placed on the canvas. To resize simply select a shape then drag the handles accordingly.

Need to be more exact with resizing? You can manually input exact dimensions by selecting your shape and putting your dimensions into the boxes on the bottom left panel. On this panel, you can also add finger notches and adjust your shape's corner treatment (how sharp or rounded the corners are).

In addition to the Custom-Draw tool you can also create irregular shapes by overlapping rectangles, squares, circles and ellipses. Once overlapped, select all the shapes and click the Merge Tool, located on the bottom toolbar. This will allow you to easily move the group around your canvas.

Does your part require a cavity with sections of varying depths? You can do this by creating separate shapes of the required depths then Merge them to create a single cavity group. 

The Align tool, located on the botton toolbar, options allow you to easily control the position of your shapes on the canvas. When one shape is selected the alignment is to the canvas. With multiple shapes selected, alignment is relative to the group.

Design parameters 

We want you to have an excellent CasePro Designer experience. In delievering that, we programmed design parameters to ensure your design works. Our software gives Real-Time and at Save/Order notifications letting you know if you are not within the design parameters. We make sure your design is valid; from the size and depth of your shapes to their positioning on the canvas. We let you know if any adjustments need to be make to make sure your custom case is manufactured exactly like you want it. Just look out for a red or orange warning ign on the right of the Designer.

Accessing saved Designs

So, if you're reading this and you have already signed up for a CasePro Designer account, great! With your login you have the capability to start and save multiple projects. Want to save a project to be completed at a later time. No problem, click Save, and give your project a Name. After returning to the CasePro Designer launch the My Designs section to access your project. 

Need to reorder your custom cases? Don't fret, you don't have to redesign. We saved all your projects. Simply log into the CasePro Designer, launch the My Designs section, which is the folder on the right panel, and select the project you wish to reorder. Your design will load into the canvas. Then click Order to send it back to your shopping cart.

4. Ordering

 How to Order

The CasePro Designer is truly DIY solution. You layout YOUR parts, you design YOUR insert, you order, and we make it. It's that simple. When you are finished designing your custom insert simply click the orange Order Case button in the right panel. Your project will be sent to the shopping cart where you can View, Edit and complete checkout.  

Protection/ Insurance Plans

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your custom foam insert. The CasePro Designer is programmed to validate your designs before they can be Save and Ordered. This allows us to send your designs directly to out cutting machine. Our machine cuts to your exact design. To put your mind at ease we offer a Standard Protection Plan with every CasePro Designer order. Want more insurance? We offer upgradable Protection Plans; see our FAQ section for to view the Protection Plan table.

What happens After You Order

Immediately following your order submission you will receive a confirmation email. Attached, to your order confirmation email is a screenshot of your layout. If you have opted for an upgraded protection plan you will then be hearing from a member of our Customizer Support Staff to review your project. Then it's time for production. You cut your custom insert, put it in your case, then you get it on your doorstep. 

 How long does it take to get case?

CasePro Designer orders have a 1-2 weeks lead time. Please allow for normal transit time after that. You will receive the tracking number as soon as your order ships.

Can I expedite?

As mentioned above, CasePro Designer orders have a lead time of 1-2 weeks. At this time, we do not offer expedited production. However, we do offer expedited shipping methods shall you opt for one at checkout.

Can I reorder without recreating my design?

Reordering is simple as 1, 2, 3... We saved all your projects. Simply log into the CasePro Designer, launch the My Designs section, and select the project you wish to reorder. Your design will load into the canvas. Then click Order to send it back to your shopping cart.

Can I order large volumes?

  • Need high volume of custom cases? You're on the cusp between the do-it-yourself model and working with an engineer! Submit a Quote Request or Click on Live Help to chat with an Engineer about the best way to proceed in developing your custom case.
  • Already have a CAD design or drawing of parts? Great, you are ready to work with one of our Engineers. Submit your request and drawings.

Design Tips

  • Measuring Parts: For most cases, visualize the case laying flat on your work surface, with the hinge side furthest from you (as it would be if you were packing a suitcase). The left to right measurement of the case is your length, the front to back measurement is your width, and the top to bottom is your height.
  • Finger Notches:  Finger notches allow for easy removal of your items in the foam. You can add finger notches to any of your cavities. Simply select the cavity you choose to add finger notches and select where you would like to put the notches on the bottom left panel.
  • Foam Depth: To ensure proper protection of your parts we do not let you extend cavities to the very bottom of the case. We leave 1/2" of foam padding to optimal protection of your parts.
  • Specifying a Custom Foam Size: First, you should layout your parts on a flat surface and measure the the rectangular outline of your layout. This will give you the Length and Width. For depth, measure your tallest part and add 1". 
  • Changing Cases: Have you started designing only to realize you need a larger case? No need to worry, you don't have to start from scratch. Click Change Case on the right toolbar to select a different case for your project. You're current design will not be lost. Your design will load into the newly selected case. Be cautious when changing cases between drastic sizes. Shapes may not been seen on canvas when you change from a large case to a considerably smaller one
  • Spacing: When designing your layout we recommend leaving amble space between cavities. We have validation rules within the CasePro Designer that limit the spacing between cavities. The minimum space between cavities is determined by the length of the case. Check out the table below:


Case Length

Min. Distance Between Cavities

1” – 12”


12.1” – 24”


> 24"




  • Selecting Multiple Shapes: To select several shapes at the same time to use tools, like merge, align, etc., simply drag a selection rectangle over the shapes you want to select.  You can also hold down Shift, while you click on the shapes you want to select.


The Interface

Right Panel

  • Current Project: Display name of current project
  • Open: Access your saved projects
  • Save: Save current project.  Located on the right panel as a floppy disk button
  • Case Image and Dimensions: Displays photo of case and interior dimensions
  • Change Case: Quickly change cases without losing design


Pricing Box - Real-Time

  • Starting Price: The Starting Price includes the price of the empty case + customization service + foam block starting point. Don't need a case? Designing just custom foam? Your Starting Price will then only include the customization service + the foam block. 
  • # of Cavities: This is the total count of cavities on the canvas. The total count excludes finger notches added to cavities. Based on the total count of cavities you will fall into a price range.

# of Cavities













  • Total Price: This is your total price, before shipping. The Starting Price + The # of Cavities Price

Order Case

Canvas Legend

Available Area: in gray, workable area to place cavities

Restricted Depth: in orange, these areas have restricted depth due to wheel wells and pull handles

Off Limits: in red, area around the case wall which is not available for cavities to be placed. 

Case Wall: in black, this ring represents the case wall. It is not available to place cavities.

Rulers: 0,0 origin is the top left of the canvas.



Bottom Panel

Undo: erase your last action by going back a step
Redo: to recall a step you've just erased




Single Shape Align: Tools for aligning selected shape relative to canvas

ss Center of Canvas: Centers selected shape both horizontally and vertically on canvas
ss Vertical to Canvas: Centers selected shape vertically on canvas
Horizontal to Canvas: Center selected shape horizontally on canvas  







Multiple Shape Align: Tools for aligning multiple selected shapes relative to each other.

Left: Aligns multiple shapes to the leftmost of the selected shapes' left edge while preserving the group's vertical position.
Center: Aligns multiple shapes to the vertical center of the selected shapes while preserving the group's horizontal position.
Right: Aligns multiple shapes to the rightmost of the selected shapes' right edge while preserving the group's vertical position.
Top: Aligns multiple shapes to the topmost of the selected shapes' top edge while preserving the horizontal position.
Middle: Aligns multiple shapes to the horizontal center of the selected shapes while preserving the group's vertical position.
Bottom: Aligns multiple shapes to the bottommost of the selected shapes' bottom edge while preserving the horizontal position.










Multiple Shape Spacing

Horizontal: First, select a group of shapes then click this icon to evenly space select shapes along Horizontal axis
Vertical: First select a group of shapes then click this icon to evenly space selected shapes along Vertical axis




Snap to Grid: This feature defaults to OFF. When turned ON, it forces all newly plotted shapes to snap to 1/8" increment grod. Click icon again to return to allow for free placement of shapes on canvas.
Duplicate: Create replication of selected cavity or group
Merge: You can overlap regulars shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, and ellipses to create an irregular shape to fit your part. You can then select those shapes and Merge to assist in easier moving and positioning in your design.
Delete: remove selection from your design








Zoom Toolbar

Zoom In/Out: Zoom In and Out of canvas view
Zoom Fit-In: Entire case canvas is in frame
Zoom Actual (1:1): Setting that views case canvas in 1 to 1 ratio
Zoom to Selection: Click and drag area to zoom canvas to selected area
Tape Measure tool: Allows you to measure distance between 2 points on canvas
Units of Measurement: Toggle Inches and Millimeters












Shape Properties