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Custom Carrying Cases

Custom Carrying Cases are an ideal packaging solution for the presentation, organization and protection of your valuable merchandise — from computers and flat panel monitors to expensive medical equipment. Our wide range of stock and customized carrying cases provides unlimited solutions for sales demos and new product introductions, and provides efficient and secure transport for your sensitive equipment.

When a stock case just won’t do, we can custom-fit any one of our carrying cases with a custom foam interior (die cut, waterjet cut, routed) or molded interior for added protection and organization.

Custom Examples
• Measurement Equipment Cases
• Sample Cases
• Anti-Static Cases
• Testing Equipment
• Electronics Equipment Cases
• Optics Cases
• Medical Instruments
• Camera Equipment

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Our carrying cases can be modified to meet your specific requirements; we can even build your products directly into a case with a screen printed logo on the case exterior — a true custom carrying case branded for your company!

Our sales engineers can guide you through the order and design processes to help you customize a unique case solution that is perfect for your needs.

Customers such as Crown Royal, Jaeger, Motorolla and Swaravski would tell you that we successfully helped them to:
Increase Branding
Protect Valuable Equipment
Improve On Time Delivery
Reduce Product Returns


Select the level of Customization that best fits your needs.

Benefts of Designing Your Own 

  • Custom solution for low volume: 1-10 cases
  • Perfect for a prototype
  • Great for simple geometry
  • DIY (Do-it-yourself)
  • Visualize your custom case immediately
  • Quick turn around

Benefts of Professionally Designed Inserts

  • Best for volume: 10+ cases
  • Complex geometry that requires a friction fit
  • Professional engineering and design support
  • Our team gets immersed with your products
  • Custom lift out trays, lid pouches, aluminum chassis
  • Custom branding options
CasePro Innovations Carrying Case Inserts Gallery

Brands We Customize

CasePro SKB Nanuk Cases WAG Cases By Source Pelican Hardigg Cases Gator Zarges Cases ZERO Cases Seahorse Cases

Custom is cool, but show me off the shelf cases
We work with your Marketing and Product Development teams to deliver innovative, branded, value added cases to compliment your products
Design Process

CasePro Innovations Carrying Case Innovations Gallery

Designs for Inspiration
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Custom Carrying Cases

We offer levels of customization to better suit your needs. From stock cases with custom foam inserts to designing a case from the ground up. Let us help you design your perfect case. 

Custom Inserts and Innovations

Design Process

Brands We Customize

CasePro SKB Nanuk Cases WAG Cases By Source Pelican Hardigg Cases Gator Seahorse Cases Zarges Cases ZERO Cases