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Custom Silicone Skins

Silicone cases and skins can be custom molded around your product.  For years, silicone has been used in mobile phone cases, iPad covers, keypads, and other electronic products.  Have you ever wanted to make a custom silicone case for your company’s instrument…just like your iPhone case?  Now you can bring this same technology to your medical device or industrial application.  Silicone is heat-resistant, rubber-like, and an insulator…furthermore, it has a low toxicity, repels water, and is antimicrobial.  This environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant solution will enhance your product. For quantities as low as 500, we will help you provide functional, beautiful protection for your products. 

Custom Examples
• Custom Tablet Cases 
• Skins for Handheld Instruments
• Ruggedized Silicone Laptop Skins
• Skins for Thermal Imaging Equipment
• Skins for SLR Cameras
• Custom Skin for Spectrometer
• Wireless Handset Rugged Silicone Case
• Ultrasound Wand Case

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If you have struggled with a manufacturing a custom enclosure that provides access to cables and connectors, but still protects your instrumentation, a silicone case is the perfect solution.  It literally wraps tight against your product and protecting and ruggedizing it.  Whether it is an integrated hinged door, eyelets for a shoulder strap, or other complicated features…we will work with you as a team to create a solution to meet your exact needs.  We welcome difficult applications.


Your requirements and concepts are a major focus of the design phase.  Our engineering team will evaluate the optimal design and validate it from a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) perspective.  Special environmental and color concerns will be addressed in this phase.  Branding will be woven into the design with features such as embossed logos.  Depending on the requirement, we may design a two part solution – a silicone case that snaps into an injection molded case resulting in a semi rigid construction with shock protection.  At the conclusion of this phase, renderings will be presented of your silicone case or enclosure. 


Your silicone skin comes to life in this phase.  In this phase, we will take first shots off the mold of your product.  As a result, you will have an operational part that can be used for final validation prior to manufacturing.  Tooling time is approximately 4 weeks. 


Following approval of the first article, production commences.  If secondary operations or additional assembly is required to your silicone product, they will be completed at this time.  Quality is an important focus of the entire manufacturing process—including post production where your finished silicone case enters a final inspection to ensure required tolerances are met.  Finally, the cases are packed and readied for shipment.   

We understand how to design and manufacture a silicone skin to enhance your brand; contact us today. 

Features and Advantages of Silicone Cases:

  • Low chemical reactivity
  • Low toxicity
  • Thermal stability (consistent properties over wide temperature range (-100 to 250 C)
  • Ability to repel water and form watertight seals
  • Excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone, and UV light
  • Good electrical insulation – it can be formulated to be electrically conductive
  • Does not stick
  • Does not support microbiological growth
  • Great for medical applications as silicone has high gas permeability

Customers would tell you that we successfully helped them to:
Increase Branding
Ruggedize Equipment
Protect Valuable Equipment
Health Care Grade, Non-toxic, Latex Free Solution


Select the level of Customization that best fits your needs.

Benefits of Designing Your Own 

* Not applicable for custom silicone skins

Benefits of Professionally Designed Skins

  • Best for volume: 500+
  • Molded around your product
  • Professional engineering and design support


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Custom Silicone Skins

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