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Our complete selection of handgun cases is designed to offer protection and safe transport for your valuable firearms. Law enforcement officials — Police, FBI, US Armed Forces — and sports enthusiasts alike appreciate the convenience, protection, and portability provided by our aluminum and plastic molded handgun cases and depend upon their durability for long-term use.

Our hard Pistol Cases are rugged; they are molded from plastic or welded aluminum and are foam filled to protect your handguns and scopes. All hard gun cases are lockable, can hold between 4 and 6 guns, and will safeguard your arms from dirt and moisture. Whether you are protecting your Beretta M9 or other handgun, we have a case to meet your needs. Our MIL-Aluminum series is provisioned with a steel security bar to ensure the case is not compromised. Most models are stackable and are ATA-rated for proper shipping on the airlines. Go to the shooting range in style, or travel through the desert with the confidence that one of our SKB gun cases, and other rugged handgun cases will protect your firearms.

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