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Our complete selection of rifle cases include welded-aluminum and rugged plastic molded cases for ultimate protection of your valuable weapons. Police, FBI, US Armed Forces, and other law enforcement officials appreciate the convenience, protection, and portability provided by our wide range of case options; marksmen and sports enthusiasts enjoy the portability, security and convenience.

Our selection of SKB hard plastic cases are molded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the same material specified by the United States Military for plastic containers that must withstand the toughest field conditions imaginable. The cases are foam-filled or provisioned with custom inserts to protect your rifles, scopes, and extra clips. Resistant to oils, fuels, solvents, and acids, as well as heat and cold, many models also feature molded-in bumpers to protect hardware from impact damage and in-line skate wheels for easy transport. The aluminum tongue and groove valance creates a tight seal, while the O-ring gasket keeps out harmful moisture and dust. All hard cases are lockable, can hold between one and four rifles, and will protect your arms from dirt and moisture. Most models are stackable and are ATA-rated for proper shipping on the airlines.

Our MIL-Aluminum lightweight aluminum rifle cases are extremely rugged. They offer ultimate transport security and weatherproof protection with a locking steel security rod, and 16-gauge steel piano hinge. With seven sizes to choose from, these lockable cases are intended for your rifles, breakdown shotguns, and even your black-powder rifles. One of the most unique, but desired model is a trunk case with two cavities to transport your firearms.

Perfect for professional marksmen or recreational use, our wide range of rifle cases will meet your needs. If you carry a shotgun, M4, or M16, our impact-resistant custom interiors will prevent gun barrels and optics from knocking against the case walls. If you shoot trap, skeet, sporting clays, or spend your days hunting in the woods, our rifle and shotgun cases will protect your weapons from the elements.

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