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Waterproof Case

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Find a waterproof case that will safeguard your equipment and instruments from water, moisture, dust, and dirt. From products small enough to fit in your front pocket to heavy-duty equipment that requires recessed wheels for mobility, Source has more than 100 sizes of gasketed waterproof cases to suit your needs.

Protect your precious iPod, digital camera, GPS device or PDA on the beach, in a boat, or by the pool with our Otter and Pelican micro cases; splashes and accidental drops won’t wreak havoc on your all-important electronics! Keep your larger equipment, instrumentation, and communication systems safe from the rain and humidity…either in out in the field, or in combat with our Pelican, SKB, Seahorse, UK VersaCase, Neptune, Nanuk, Praxis, and Helios cases — waterproof protection that ranges from light to heavy-duty, depending on your requirements.

Our water-tight cases exceed the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts and the military noted by many military certifications and approvals on these cases. Rely on the strength of our case construction to protect your valuables from the elements — indestructible plastic cases that provide hard knocks security. Whether you need a stock application or a custom-built case for OEM applications, we have versatile waterproof cases to suit your every need.

Cases can easily be customized with a custom foam interior to protect and showcase your product. These watertight cases can also be customized with a panel mount to form a watertight enclosure for your sensitive electronic equipment (Seahorse, Nanuk, and Pelican). Contact one of our sales engineers for a free consultation.

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