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Broadcast Equipment Cases

Our broadcast equipment cases allow for fast set-up and tear-down for all types of video components. From large networks to small production studios, we manufactures protective cases for audio, video, and lighting equipment. We welcome studios to contact us to design cases for their fleet of equipment. We can either customize a Pelican, SKB, Gator or other leading brand to house your production equipment or build a custom ATA road case. In working with broadcast companies for over two decades, we have designed cases for editing consoles, power supplies and battery packs, lighting devices, editing decks, video monitors, microphones, tripods, cameras, video lenses, and other communication equipment—in many cases you just need to share the manufacturer and we may have a solution off the shelf. For those that want to craft their own custom foam insert, our DIY Case Customizer may be your perfect tool.
The Process
Depending on your need, these protective cases can be designed to cradle components individually, or the equipment may be designed to operate within the case. Once we understand your requirements and specifications, we can discuss potential solutions. For example, our full line of standard and shock-mounted rackmount cases allow you to be operational in the field quickly—rackmount cases are ideal because they offer shelving so that your broadcast equipment can rest in it's normal position during transport. If your equipment is very large, ramp cases are ideal as they allow equipment to be easily loaded into a case. Depending on the complexity of the project, we will provide renderings for approval during the Design phase. Following Design, a first article will be produced, and subsequent to approval of first article production of your custom equipment cases.   
Our design staff has experience designing video broadcast and equipment cases:
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  • Lighting Cases
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  • Professional Video Camera Cases
  • Quadcopter Cases
  • Rack Cases
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  • Waterproof Cases
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