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OEM projects and industrial cases represent a large and diverse group of our customers. They are some of the most rewarding design challenges because we partner with you to develop and create an integral component of your product. Size, weight, load, and shape of the components all have to be considered when reviewing possible solutions. Together we will determine if we will customize a stock case with a foam interior, or if a completely custom solution is required. When going the custom route, we will present the advantages and drawbacks of injection molding, blow molding, roto molding, vacuum forming, welding, and traditional fabrication to best meet your project needs on time and within budget. We have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies such as Olympus, 3M, Praxair and BASF to name a few.  
The Process
It all starts with a concept. Our design engineers then translate your requirements into drawings and renderings that represent your solution. We enjoy this iterative process as it yields better solutions. In many instances, a prototype can be produced for evaluation prior to production for a nominal fee. This enables you to make changes or modifications if necessary. The entire process of custom case development from Concept through Production and on time delivery is an evolutionary process. Contact a Sales Engineer for a Free Consultation. 
Our team has experience designing and manufacturing a variety of OEM cases, below are some examples:
Key Customers
  • Airbrush Cases
  • Granite Tile Display Case
  • Smith & Wesson Gun Case
  • Mont Blanc Pen Shipper
  • Panel Mount Cases
  • Pen Cases
  • Oxygen Tank Cases
  • Temperature Controlled Shipping Cases
  • Watch Cases
Pelican Cases


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