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At Cases By Source, we understand the expense of participating in a trade show. Not only is it important that your product and equipment arrives to the show in working order, it is also critical that it returns safely without damage. We believe it is just as important to consider the tear down of a booth as the setup. We offer a full range of stock trade show cases: graphic tubes, panel cases, bulk containers, plasma and LCD screen cases to ensure that your equipment is transported safely. Our Booth In a Box is a bulk container that contains table legs in the lid so you not only transport your product easily, but you don’t have to rent expensive tables, or store your cases in the warehouse during a show. Everything stays in the booth, and tear down is quick and efficient. Interiors can be customized to house supply drawers, file drawers, computer and monitor compartments, or other storage areas. If a stock case doesn't meet your needs, we will fabricate a custom case based on your specific requirements. Whether you are an exhibit house, or end user, we are excited to manufacture the solution that best meets your needs. We proudly design cases for Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of small and medium sized businesses with a 10’x10’ booth budget.
The Process
When you need more than a Pelican case with pick-n-pluck foam, or a graphics tube, our Sales Engineers will work with you to design a custom solution to satisfy your requirements. If your concepts starts with a napkin sketch or a box of parts, we will guide you through the process. An integral part of the Design phase is to find a case layout that is efficient, so your equipment is quickly packed for the return trip without the use of bubble pack. Depending on the equipment size, we may suggest a ramp case to wheel equipment easily in and out of the case, or shipping cases that allows your equipment to function while in the case (plug and play cases) — this keeps your cases in the booth and saves expensive warehousing fees during the exhibit. We understand time constraints leading up to your trade show; we pride ourselves on attention to detail and getting it right the first time.  We welcome exciting, complex projects; contact a Sales Engineer for a Free Consultation.
Our design staff has experience designing trade show and exhibit custom cases:
Key Customers
  • ATA Cases
  • Cases for Interative Kiosks
  • Exhibit Panel Cases
  • Graphics Cases
  • Jumbo Cases
  • Literature Display Cases
  • Lighting Cases
  • Plasma Screen Cases
  • Plug and Play Cases
  • Ramp Cases
  • Telescoping Cases


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