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Product Designer

Please note, we are ONLY looking for career-oriented, results-driven individuals. If you are interested in being a part of our team, please see below. All resumes MUST be accompanied by a cover letter letting us know why you are right for our winning team.



CBS designs and manufactures custom cases and specialty packaging solutions to enhance our customers’ brand.  They will ensure all project development is in-line with our company’s and customers’ goals and values.  Alongside the customer, they will be responsible for developing concepts to bring their visions to life, while keeping in-line with all branding requirements.  They will pay close attention to function, aesthetic and ergonomics.  They will create all necessary artwork, and organize artwork files for production.  They will manage their queue of assigned projects.  They will communicate with and assist vendors to ensure manufacturing is true to the project’s developed concept.  They will collaborate with Marketing on company branding and marketing collateral.  They will assist and prepare all files and project info to deliver to the Product Design Engineer for proper drawing documentation.  They will assist the Design & Engineering Manager with daily tasks related to customers, vendors, internal operations, etc.  They will regularly assist the Design & Engineering Manager and keep abreast of all statuses and issues.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Customer Facing Responsibilities
  • Identify and agree upon project requirements, budget, delivery expectations during Discovery Call
  • Request and catalog necessary drawings, files, logos in their required formats
  • Communicate capabilities and limitations of materials and manufacturing processes in regards to design
  • Produce and present customer renderings
  • Communicate manufacturing issues to determine proper resolution(s)
  • Maintain and improve customer relationships
Vendor Facing Responsibilities
  • Communicate and agree upon project requirements, budget, delivery expectations
  • Provide necessary drawings, files, logos in their required formats
  • Communicate and develop samples that are properly reflective of final production
  • Collaborate with to troubleshoot all material and production issues
  • Hold accountable in respects to project requirements and delivery times
  • Maintain and improve vendor relationships

Sales Facing Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with during Discovery Call to ensure customers’ vision is understood
  • Communicate expected completion dates and statuses of project deliverables
  • Deliver customer renderings and all production files for cataloging and delivery to customer
  • Inform any changes customer makes to project details or delivery times
  • Inform all statuses and issues during concept development and manufacturing that arise with vendors

Marketing Facing Responsibilities

  • Collaborate and assist with developing company branding and marketing collateral
  • Collaborate, design, and build office décor that reflects our company branding and image

Design & Engineering Responsibilities

  • Develop concepts in-line with agreed upon project requirements
  • Design with accordance to necessary function, aesthetics and ergonomics
  • Deliver required files to all parties within agreed upon timelines
  • Organize and properly manage assigned project queue and responsibilities
  • Organize all files (Customer and Production) and project information in accordance with department filing procedure
  • Communicate with vendors throughout production cycle to ensure samples and production parts meet all project requirements
  • Assist in creating and delivering inspection documentation to vendors and QC (external and internal)
  • Keep D&E Manager abreast of all statuses and issues, while assisting D&E Manager whenever necessary


Working Relationships

  • Customers – Communicate with to identify project details, budget, and delivery times.  Foster and maintain professional relationships while collaborating and developing projects.  Foster strong brand identify of CBS creating compelling reasons for customers to want to continue to buy from CBS. 
  • Vendors – Communicate project details and requirements to ensure manufacturing properly follows project requirements.  Responsible for holding accountable, in respects to project requirements and delivery times. 
  • Sales & Marketing  – Collaborate alongside customer to ensure customers’ vision is delivered.
  • D&E Product Design Engineer – Deliver all files and necessary project information for proper drawing documentation.  Collaborate alongside of and assist as necessary.
  • D&E Manager – Collaborate alongside of and comply with all identified and assigned tasks and requirements. Constantly communicate with statuses of project development, customers, vendors, project workload, and turnaround times.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • Positive attitude and ability to work well with others and alone
  • Detail-orientation
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with an eye on commitments and deliverables
  • Demonstrated strong organizational, relationship management and conflict management skills
  • Equally proficient at collaborating in a team-oriented environment, as well as alone
  • Strong decision-making abilities and strong self-confidence with their design skills
  • Strong computer skills: SolidWorks, Adobe PS, Adobe AI, Adobe Acrobat
  • Strong hand sketching abilities 


Required Experience:

  • BA or BS in Industrial Design, from an ID accredited institution
  • 1 semester minimum experience interning with an established company OR 1 year professional experience with an established company.


Our Company

Cases By Source designs and manufactures protective packaging—mostly in the form of reusable cases—to protect some of the world’s finest and valuable instruments and products. We collaborate with customers to design and customize cases that will ensure their equipment travels undamaged through the distribution cycle.


Employee passion at Cases By Source is fueled by the notion that our cases safeguard customers’ important assets and often play a fundamental role in the success of some of the world’s most important innovations. For example, the Flumist vaccine: The climate controlled case we designed allows this temperature-sensitive inoculation to reach doctors’ offices uncompromised, ultimately protecting thousands of patients from sickness. We’re proud to build protective cases for delicate camera equipment—putting news cameramen at ease, knowing their important and valuable gear will be safe as they travel to dangerous or exotic locations to transmit worldwide news events. It’s also incredibly rewarding to contribute to the nation’s counter terrorism efforts by designing rugged laptop cases for mass transit groups who investigate threats against our safety.


If you are dynamic, driven, and excited about Cases By Source…you are the perfect fit! Apply Today!


IMPORTANT Instructions and Notes:

Please apply online with your resume and cover letter. MUST INCLUDE salary history.