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“I thought that by now I would be used to the marvels you create, but the last case you built for us is simply OUTSTANDING! Not that past cases did not meet the same standards, but the engineering, design and craftsmanship of this "monster" is beyond my (already very high) expectations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you are a MASTER!”
Military Prime Contractor

“I'm really looking forward to working with you on these projects. I was very impressed with you and your company. None of the other packaging vendors I met with were as dynamic, nor did they present as many options. I think we can also work on variations like the box with the foam insert, etc…I am also interested in what you found for the aluminum case. Thanks!”
John P.


“Just wanted to report back to you that the team has utlized our new cases in the field, and the feedback has been tremendous. They are holding up extremely well and helping us convey a more polished, professional image to our customers. Couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! Great job”
Ryan L.
Energy Company

“Thanks for prioritizing our needs and getting the cases to us in a timely manner. The sales force is very happy with the results.  I look forward to collaborating again.”


“I wanted to thank you for your prompt and courteous service on my order. I look forward to purchasing from you in the near future. Thanks again!”
John V.
Online customer

“The cases arrived on time and perfect. We are very pleased, mate. Many thanks for the effort you put into getting these to us. We WILL be using you in the future, mate. You run a very good service there! Cheers and have a great weekend.”
Shaun W.

“Parts look great-- thank you so much! Assembly began today so your quick turn around was very much appreciated."
Mia M.

Software Solutions Customer

“Thanks for the quick response. Due to that fact, I have placed an order for the Otter 2601."
John S.
Online Customer

“Thank you for sharing with the team, Alan. Completely reciprocal, we are very grateful to you and everyone at Case for their professionalism, consistent timely responses, and pleasantly reliable courtesy. Keep up the great work!!."
Lisa B.
Satellite Technologies Customer

“...Cases by Source is the bomb dot com!!!!"
Jessica S.
Lighting Manufacturer

“...I wanted to pass along my sincere thank you for all you have done and all you are trying to do. We all have accounts that are difficult to work with and also will not take any responsibility when they impede progress of what we need to get them their products that they need... I know what we have asked you to do is very difficult (design a case without the product), but I have to tell you, your workmanship and the samples you have supplied us are extremely impressive, and I counldn't ask anymore than that. Than you again for your efforts and I look forward to a long and successful relationship with you and Cases By Source."
Todd F.
Packaging Customer

“Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate the remarkable job your company has done for us. The case created by your team is exceptional in quality and is also a very smart design. It is a seldom occasion that I write a letter like this, but the professionalism of your employees and the outstanding quality of your products is too rare to leave unrecognized. From now on, our precious cargo will travel well-protected and I will be proud to promote your organization, giving your company’s name to those who—without a doubt—will compliment us on our cases. Please thank Mr. Barker for me and accept my sincere congratulations for running such a great company.”
Military Prime Contractor

“The newsletter looks terrific. I love the Aquapac…it’s a great product.”
Karen A.
Newsletter subscriber

“Thank you very much for your fast and helpful assistance! I've ordered the case and foam as per your suggestion. I hope we can do business again in the future!”
Steve G.
Online Customer

“We received our cases today… Sara did an excellent job on the order. She mentioned she was a new employee, but she really supported us well and we would never have known she was new. It was a pleasure working with her and your company. Thanks again!”
Sam M.
US Army

“Thanks again for working with me. You folks are top notch. I just received a call from UPS that the package is ready to be picked up – that is light-speed shipping! Kudos to you and your associates.”
David K.
Online Customer

“I checked your references and here are the horrible things your customers said about you: I.M. thinks the world of you (WOW!)…A.M. says you have excellent performance (Impressive!). So…what can I say but…looking forward to working with you!”

Linda S.
Camera Manufacturer

“The box is really nice! Thanks for making the process so smooth... ”
Camera Manufacturer

“I want to let you know how pleased management and I are with the first article wooden case you made for us. It is exactly the “quality product” we wanted…Thank you for your efforts in meeting our requests and completing this project so beautifully.”
Aline M.
Hydrotest Corporation

“Just wanted you to know the cases are beautiful! Thanks for your help.”
Martha H.
Medical Device Manufacturer


“I must say - I LOVE the professionalism and attention to detail of your company and of course the two of you!"
Robert K.

“We are extremely pleased with the cases with custom foam we ordered from you. Our customers have been requesting a carrying case for our products for some time, and this is precisely what we were looking for. We updated our website last Friday with the case option and have already sold ten.”
Cindy M. Milor

“I am truly impressed with the quality and workmanship of your aluminum cases. I recently purchased one to examine it and loved it. I am recommending your cases to all my customers.”
Steve R.
Steve’s Sports

“Thank you very much for the beautiful cosmetic case. It will come in handy. You and your company have been wonderful to work with. I wish all of our vendors were like you.”
Joyce W.


“I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and your staff for a job well done!! The large soft carry-cases look great, and will be very helpful for our sales force. The E-pen tote foam inserts fit the container and the instrumentation very well and will provide great protection for their contents. The wooden display cases are excellent and very professional looking, and all of the instrumentation fits perfectly as well! Take a look at the attached pictures.

“I know it was hard work for you and your support staff, and I wanted you to know that we all appreciate your efforts. The scheduling was tough and the changes were many, but you came through for us! I am looking forward to seeing the demo-cases and the "plan-B" instrument foam. I am confident that they will also look and perform very well.”
Kurt S.
Medical Implant Manufacturer

“Thanks Alan. It's nice to do business with you. You're one of my nicest vendors!”
US Army

“Alan, I wanted to say thanks for the excellent job on all the cases you just got for us. Everything fits perfectly. Thanks for a job well done.”
Broadcast Television

“Just a quick note to express my gratitude toward two Cases By Source employees, Michelle and Renee. Their friendliness, caring attitude, and quick replies should be commended. It is a level of service others should strive for. My experience with your company and its employees has been wonderful, Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.”
Michael D.
Automotive Industry

"What quick service! I contacted you on a Friday and had my parts in hand on the following Tuesday…sooner than I was expecting. The parts you replaced for us fit exactly how they were supposed to. Your reply Emails were very courteous. I couldn't have asked for better service. Thanks Again."
Tim M.

“Nice email piece, website, and shopping cart.”
Larry G.
Technological Industry

“These cases are fabulous!! Way to pull through! I appreciate your help and I am very pleased. You WILL be hearing back from our company in the future for future cases. Thank you again for a great job!”
Lighting Manufacturer

“Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am!! Your case, GP-2640, fits my Roland TD-20 electronic drum rack perfectly!!! I play drums all over the world…and finding a hard case that's inexpensive, lightweight, durable, and travels well, was a really hard quest. Your website made it very easy to find pre-made cases that fit what I need. I will be sharing your site with hundreds of V-drum owners; I hope you have a lot of cases made :) I'm sure they'll be moving off your shelves! :)

I wish I knew about your site earlier, I could have used this case in May when I played at the Palace of Versailles in Paris! A great gig, but a logistical nightmare moving equipment overseas....

Thanks again, you just saved me about $1000 in shipping fees :)”
J. Schiller

“Renee and Alan, The cases look great! Great job on the labels. We are 100% satisfied at this point. Thank you for accelerating the delivery schedule to help us.”
US Army

“The information and the quality of your products as depicted in your catalog looked great.”
Bill M.
Mechanical Engineer

“Matthew, I just want to thank you for your speedy and efficient response to my problem in which I lost keys for my golf travel case. In my June 22 e-mail ("Cases by Source Information Inquiry") I certainly did not plan to have keys to the case on June 28, which happened when I opened an envelope this morning. It's hard to believe such great response to a customer's problem exists in the current business world. Rest assured, if I get a new golf travel case (and I do have my eye on a new golf bag larger than my current one), it will be made by SKB. Thanks again, I am truly impressed with your help.”
Jack W.

“I recently received your catalog. It’s really well done. I will continue to use Cases By Source for all our casing needs.”
Blake R.
Emergency Response Company

"Dear Veronica, The cases arrived and they are gorgeous!! Everything fits like a charm and looks like a million bucks. Thank you so very much! It was really a pleasure.”
Audio Visual Company

"The case looks great with the product inside! Thanks for doing such a great job and for your wonderful design suggestions.”
Medical Instrumentation Company

"The cases look good and I am pleased with the results. I am anxious to get them out of here and into our sales team's hands. OUR SALES SHOULD BE SOARING in no time at all. Thank you for all your help and for the great looking cases.”
Custom-Machined Parts Manufacturer

"I just got my custom case and I have to say, I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, you guys do wonderful work! If I ever need another case, I will definitely come to you guys first!”


"Delivered the cases today. They look great. Please thank everyone involved that made this happen.

Completely legitimizes our efforts to get to market by being able to safely ship our demo product worldwide, in complete systems, with a branded case. Almost like we know what we are doing ;)"

Biotechnology Company

"We received our case last week. Thanks for the fast turn around. We are so pleased with it that we would like to order another one with the exact same specifications."

"Veronica, Thank you for everything, especially the prompt service from your company. It’s greatly appreciated.."
Forensics Industry

"Thank you for following up. I'm very happy to tell you that the cases continue to be a big hit among our sales staff. They have resulted in new jobs and more work for our company. SUCCESS!!! Thank you for your role in bringing this project together in a show piece that we can all be proud of. Everyone here is very happy with the results."
Custom-Machined Parts Manufacturer


"Thanks for sending me the catalog! I am so happy that I found your web site.... Will be purchasing products soon!"





Some testimonials are edited for content.