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"Since 1902, the name Hofbauer has been equated with innovation, quality, and strength in producing molded plastic cases. The company focuses on highly-engineered, versatile cases and is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic cases in Europe. The Hofbauer product line is manufactured using two different processes—extrusion blow molding and injection molding—and the cases are available in a variety of colors and offer the flexibility of changing handle and latch colors.

The double-wall construction of extrusion blow molding offers extremely strong and shock resistant cases. Impact is absorbed via the combination of polypropylene and an air cushion created between the inner and outer walls. Additionally, the inner wall can be molded to the contours of your product, eliminating the need for an additional, costly foam insert. Injection molding offers a cost-effective solution for your promotional sales-demo needs. The process yields a single-wall case more conducive to lighter-weight and highly-stylized designs. The injection-molded Hofbauer cases are available in three different models, in a variety of standard colors. Custom color matches can also be provided upon request. For custom OEM projects, Cases By Source can easily mold a logo or branding information into the lid of a Hofbauer case. Our sales engineers are available to discuss your project and offer solutions. Please contact us for a free consultation."

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