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SKB 3iSeries Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 42.5’’ x 17.0’’ x 7.5’’

SKB 3iSeries Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 30.0’’ x 21.0’’ x 18.0’’

SKB 3R Roto rSeries 4416-24 Case (STAC System)

part no. interior: 44.38’’ x 16.63’’ x 23.93’’

SKB 3iSeries Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 22.52’’ x 22.52’’ x 12.5’’

SKB 3i TSA Locking Latch Kit

part no.

SKB Military Standard Case

part no. interior: 32.0’’ x 21.0’’ x 7.0’’

SKB Rotomolded Gig Safe

part no. interior: 19.0’’ x 28.25’’ x 9.38’’

SKB 3R Roto rSeries 6223-10 Case

part no. interior: 62.25’’ x 23.0’’ x 10.0’’

SKB 3R Roto rSeries 6029-40 Case

part no. interior: 60.75’’ x 29.25’’ x 40.0’’

SKB 3R Roto rSeries 6029-31 Case

part no. interior: 60.0’’ x 29.0’’ x 31.3’’

SKB 3R Roto rSeries 5530-20 Case

part no. interior: 55.25’’ x 30.25’’ x 20.0’’

SKB 3R Roto rSeries 5123-21 Case

part no. interior: 51.5’’ x 23.5’’ x 21.25’’

SKB cases are indestructible transport cases, rack cases, and other types of storage systems for the music, industrial, military, and sporting industry. Currently, there are over 55 rack-mount and 170 cases in the SKB industrial division to choose from. These industrial cases, industrial racks, shockmount racks, transport cases, shipping cases, pull handle cases, waterproof cases, military standard (MIL-STD cases) are available in a wide range of sizes and a variety of interior configurations.

They are made in the USA using the toughest heavy duty polyethylene molded material; resistant to shock, temperature, chemicals and other environmental effects. Most SKB transit cases are ATA rated and meet the ATA specifications for airline transport durability. They are molded by a variety of molding processes including injection molding, rotational molding, and vacuum forming.

Over the past few years, SKB has integrated more advanced pro audio and video solutions into their cases and now offer plasma and flat screen cases, gig-rig systems, a rolling studio, and other rugged rack cases.

SKB Sports provides a diverse line of carrying cases for archery, golf, hunting, and fishing. The rifle and gun cases are economical, yet rugged and durable. Many interiors are customized to fit specific firearms and rifles.

Most SKB cases are backed by their “Million Mile Guarantee” (unconditional lifetime guarantee) which means if you break it, SKB will repair or replace it.

Any SKB case can be customized with a custom foam interior, or be retrofitted to meet your specifications. Our sales engineers are SKB experts and available to discuss your requirements. Contact us for a free consultation.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom case that matches your vision. Start the conversation with a free consultation!

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