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Military Cases

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CH Ellis 6" Aluminum Tool Case

part no. interior: 18.0’’ x 13.0’’ x 6.0’’

Hardigg Transport / Rifle Rack M4, M16 Case

part no. interior: 45.4’’ x 0.0’’ x 0.0’’

Hardigg Medical Leg Set

part no. interior: 0.0’’ x 0.0’’ x 0.0’’

Pelican Air 1485 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 17.75’’ x 10.18’’ x 6.15’’

Pelican Air 1506 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 18.7’’ x 9.4’’ x 7.8’’

Pelican Air 1556 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 21.63’’ x 10.76’’ x 8.97’’

Pelican Air 1606 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 24.54’’ x 12.3’’ x 10.22’’

Pelican Air 1525 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 20.5’’ x 11.31’’ x 6.75’’

Pelican Air 1626 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 28.14’’ x 14.1’’ x 11.72’’

Pelican Air 1555 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 23.0’’ x 12.75’’ x 7.5’’

Pelican Air 1605 Lightweight Watertight Case

part no. interior: 26.0’’ x 14.0’’ x 8.38’’

Zarges K-470 Series Aluminum Case

part no. interior: 12.6’’ x 8.7’’ x 5.9’’

Military cases - rugged transit containers and shipping cases - are used every day by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines to protect and transport sensitive electronic equipment and weapons systems. Our wide selection of stock rackmounts is available for immediate delivery; many models are airtight and waterproof. For delicate equipment requiring custom foam interiors or fully isolated rack-mounting systems, we can design a case to meet your specific requirements.

Cases By Source has manufactured military cases for every application imaginable. Our engineering department will design a case solution based on drawings, measurements, NSNs or from the equipment itself. To date, we have designed ammunition cases, field training cases, field desk cases, missile cases, radar system cases, satellite equipment cases, weapons system cases and more.

Due to varying requirements, we manufacture our Military Cases in a wide range of materials from rotational molded plastic to aluminum and steel. Based on customer specifications, these military containers can meet or exceed MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-108, MIL-C-172, MIL-P-116, MIL-STD-648, MIL-STD-2073, MIL-C-4150, MIL-T-4734, MIL-T-21200, MIL-PRF-28800 and many more. Many of our transit cases are available in Olive Drab (OD Green) and Desert Tan.

We hold a GSA Contract and can be found on the GSA Advantage website.

Cases By Source is ITAR Registered. ITAR Registration Code M36592.

A member of our government sales and engineering team can guide you through the process of selecting the best military case solution to meet your needs.

If you are purchasing on behalf of a local, state, or federal government, or a public agency within the U.S., or you are an active duty serviceperson or employee of a government agency, you can qualify for immediate pricing discounts simply by filling out an application. Click the GSA icon below to fill out the form.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom case that matches your vision. Start the conversation with a free consultation!

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