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Tool Case

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Modi 15135 Molded Soft Case

part no. interior: 15.13’’ x 13.88’’ x 4.75’’

Modi 1083 Molded Soft Case

part no. interior: 10.75’’ x 8.68’’ x 3.44’’

Modi 842 Molded Soft Case

part no. interior: 8.31’’ x 5.0’’ x 2.13’’

Service Technician Tool Bag

part no. interior: 17.32’’ x 12.59’’ x 7.08’’

C.H. Ellis 87-6957 Large Mechanical Field Service Top Wing Tool Pallet

part no. interior: 17.5’’ x 14.0’’ x 1.0’’

Modi 1293 Molded Soft Portfolio Case

part no. interior: 12.56’’ x 9.0’’ x 1.75’’

C.H. Ellis 87-6976 Regular Medical/Electro Mechanical Bottom Tool Pallet

part no. interior: 17.0’’ x 12.0’’ x 1.0’’

CH Ellis Field Supervisor Single Zipper Tool Case

part no. interior: 15.0’’ x 11.5’’ x 4.0’’

Chicago Case 9" Military Ready Black Tool Case with 2 Pallets

part no. interior: 18.0’’ x 15.0’’ x 9.0’’

Heavy Duty 18" Tool Case with Universal Pallets

part no. interior: 18.1’’ x 14.6’’ x 7.9’’

Jumbo 6700 Waterproof Tool Case with Removable Pallets and Wheels

part no. interior: 21.06’’ x 14.17’’ x 8.88’’

CH Ellis FOD Clear Pallet Pouch

part no. interior: 17.75’’ x 14.5’’ x 1.75’’

Find your next tool case at an industry-leading price. Our tool carrying case options make any job faster and much easier. Our hard and soft tool cases — from the most basic to rugged, military ones — allow for quick inventory and pallet-style organization so your instruments are always easy to locate and retrieve at a moment’s notice. The added efficiency and visibility means your instruments will always be close at hand, and you will always know when something is missing from your tool case…ultimate tool control.

Shopping For Your Tool Case

Choosing a case for tool control can seem complicated; however our TUC Tool and Utility Case product line makes it easy. These tool cases are not only rugged and dependable, but they also offer unique options and features: From a modular tool pallet system that can accommodate almost any tool to a Do-It-Yourself movable divider system that can be customized to meet your needs, these cases offer more than the standard tool cases on the market.

If you are solely looking to replace a worn tool pallet, visit our Eagle Tool Pallets section for high-quality tool case pallets.

From computer technicians, to HVAC service repair techs, and telecommunication installers, Source has a tool solution for any requirement.

Tool cases and pallets do NOT come with tools.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom case that matches your vision. Start the conversation with a free consultation!

Custom Solutions