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Aquapac Phone (iPhone) / GPS Case

part no. interior: 26.0’’ x 17.0’’ x 7.25’’

Aquapac Small Armband Case

part no. interior: 26.0’’ x 17.0’’ x 7.25’’

Aquapac Large Armband Case

part no.

Aquapac Small PRO VHF Case

part no.

Aquapac Mini Camera Case

part no.

Protect your phone, digital camera, camcorder, or PDA when working or playing near sand and water with Aquapac waterproof cases.

Aquapac is a unique, patented brand of 100% waterproof cases for your personal electronics, communications equipment, cameras, and valuables. Constructed of tough, 100% waterproof vinyl, Aquapac cases offer more reliable protection against sand and water than the average watertight bag. The Aquapac waterproof cases are used by the Navy, offshore drilling rigs, lifeguards, film crews, and recreational boaters.

The Aquaclip—an amazing little device which seals the case with a simple twist of a lever—is the key. Much like a sandwich bag closure, a “V”-shaped tongue and groove system works to fully enclose and protect your valuables: When turned, the levers on the male half of the “V” run up a ramp on the female half, squeezing the two together. The pressure’s just strong enough to completely and hermetically seal the package, but not damage or compromise the soft plastic case material. The sealing system is attached to the case by a pair of ‘flexible clips’ that bind the case together as a single unit—even when open. No loose screws. No need to fold the end of the case. Simple! Reliable!


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