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Glossary of Case Terms

ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic sheets used in thermo forming.

Anti-Static Foam – An open cell polyurethane foam with the addition of antistatic chemical additives. Anti-static foam is available in 1.2 lb. – 2.0 lb. densities.

ATA Rated  ATA (Air Transport Association) specification 300, category 1 is the highest standard for an airline transport container ( a minimum of 100 common carrier trips). Category II has a minimum of 10 trips by air.

Cushioning Curve - A graphical representation of the dynamic cushioning properties of a packaging media. It is determined by dropping varying masses of a specific size from a defined height onto a specimen of the product to be tested. Defined for each curve is the drop height and the specimen thickness. Through the use of varying specimen thickness drop heights, a product's dynamic cushioning characteristics are depicted. Drop Height Based on the probable handling environment of the package and its delivery system, the distance it is likely to be dropped.

Ester Foam - Open cell, low cost polyurethane foam that has the look and feel of polyester foam. Available in 1.6 lb. density. It is gray in color and is the most common foam used in the shipping case industry.

Fragility Index - The fragility of an item is measured and reported numerically as its Fragility Index (Expressed in G's) It provides a basic parameter for packaging engineers to use in the selection of cushioning materials. The fragility index is the maximum G force that an item to be packaged can withstand without sustaining damage.

G Force - The acceleration of gravity (32.19ft/sec/sec).

Impact Dissipation - The ability of packaging material to provide deceleration, or absorb the force of impact across its available space, thus preventing damage to the product it protects.

Internal Dimensions (ID) - These are the internal dimensions of the case. Load Bearing Area Calculated by dividing the highest static load into the weight of the product.

Outside Dimensions (OD) - These are the external dimensions of the case.

Parting Line - The section in which the lid and base separate from each other.

Pick And Pluck Foam  Layers of 1” thick foam ¾” dye cut squares for customizing the interior of your case.

Polyethylene Foam (HDPE) - Closed cell, high density foam that is resistant to solvents, oils, greases and most common chemicals. This material is available in densities ranging from 2.0 lb. density to 9 lbs. This foam meets the PPC-1752D specification and is also available in a special Military grade.

Pressure Relief Valve - A purge valve that provides you the ability to release any built-up internal air pressure. A more accurate term would be a pressure equalization valve.

Static Loading - The weight of the product distributed over the foam surface area expressed in pounds per square inch (psi).

TSA Lock - TSA-accepted padlocks work two ways: a combination lock for the owner, and a separate TSA coded keyhole for access by airport baggage screeners. This way officials can inspect your baggage without ruining the lock or case they are trying to get into.