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Seahorse Cases

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Seahorse 120 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 7.3’’ x 5.0’’ x 3.23’’

Seahorse 540 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 13.5’’ x 9.8’’ x 8.75’’

Seahorse 52 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 5.0’’ x 2.9’’ x 1.3’’

Seahorse 300 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 9.2’’ x 7.1’’ x 4.1’’

Seahorse 720 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 18.29’’ x 13.19’’ x 6.62’’

Seahorse 830 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 19.5’’ x 11.0’’ x 7.8’’

Seahorse 1220 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 25.68’’ x 19.5’’ x 13.13’’

Seahorse 56 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 8.4’’ x 4.4’’ x 2.3’’

Seahorse 59 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 8.1’’ x 4.1’’ x 5.3’’

Seahorse 430 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 11.2’’ x 8.25’’ x 5.65’’

Seahorse 520 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 13.5’’ x 9.8’’ x 6.0’’

Seahorse 630 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 15.85’’ x 11.6’’ x 6.7’’

Seahorse cases are the epitome of premium quality and unwavering durability. Proudly Made in the USA, these waterproof cases are engineered to excel in the most challenging conditions. With their watertight, airtight, and crush-resistant design, Seahorse cases provide unparalleled protection for your valuable equipment.

Designed for Rugged Performance:

Every Seahorse case is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of performance. The dual twist locking latches ensure a secure closure, while the molded-in padlock hole accommodates standard-sized master locks, adding an extra layer of security. Additionally, the automatic pressure release valve safeguards against pressure build-up and guarantees a perfect seal, thanks to the incorporation of its own O-Ring under one of the latches.

Built to Withstand the Toughest Conditions:

Seahorse cases exceed the industry-standard ATA-300 specification, making them the preferred choice for professionals and adventurers alike. These cases can endure the rigors of travel, whether you're on an airplane or exploring the great outdoors. No matter the journey, rest assured that your equipment remains safe and protected within a Seahorse case.

Unmatched Versatility:

Seahorse cases are designed with versatility in mind. From delicate electronics to essential tools and equipment, these cases offer adaptable storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you're a photographer, diver, outdoor enthusiast, or working professional, Seahorse cases provide the ultimate safeguard for your valuable gear.

Uncompromising Quality:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Seahorse cases are manufactured using top-grade materials, ensuring their durability and long-lasting performance. The impeccable construction of these cases guarantees that your equipment remains intact and protected, even in the harshest environments.

Seahorse is a trusted brand that professionals rely on to protect their valuable equipment. With its exceptional quality, superior performance, and compliance with industry standards, Seahorse cases offer peace of mind and the assurance that your gear is safe, wherever your adventures may take you.

Invest in a Seahorse case and experience the pinnacle of protection and reliability.

- Waterproof, airtight, and crush-resistant design

- Dual twist locking latches and molded-in padlock hole for added security

- Automatic pressure release valve for a perfect seal

- Meets industry-standard ATA-300 specification

- Made in the USA with top-grade materials!

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