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Waterproof Cases

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S3 Waterproof 2500 Case

part no. interior: 6.0’’ x 3.38’’ x 2.88’’

S3 Waterproof 1000 Case

part no. interior: 3.88’’ x 2.38’’ x 1.0’’

S3 Waterproof 2000 Case

part no. interior: 6.0’’ x 3.38’’ x 1.25’’

S3 Waterproof 4000 Case

part no. interior: 2.5’’ x 3.31’’ x 5.5’’

Explorer 3005 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 11.81’’ x 8.27’’ x 2.28’’

S3 Waterproof 3000 Case

part no. interior: 7.88’’ x 3.81’’ x 1.25’’

Seahorse 120 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 7.3’’ x 5.0’’ x 3.23’’

S3 Waterproof 4500 Case

part no. interior: 2.5’’ x 3.31’’ x 6.88’’

Seahorse 540 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 13.5’’ x 9.8’’ x 8.75’’

Seahorse 52 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 5.0’’ x 2.9’’ x 1.3’’

SKB 3iSeries Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 22.52’’ x 22.52’’ x 12.5’’

Explorer 4209 Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 16.54’’ x 11.81’’ x 3.74’’

Explore our vast inventory of waterproof cases. Our watertight products include carrying cases, equipment cases, shipping cases from Pelican, SKB, Otter, Pelican Hardigg, UK, Zarges, Aquapac, Nanuk. Waterproof cases not only provide protection against liquids, precipitation and moisture, they offer the security of knowing that your valuable equipment, instrumentation, and merchandise will be safeguarded from all kinds of wear and tear.

From water-resistant cases to submersible cases, our containers will safeguard your PDAs, digital cameras, mobile electronic equipment, and other valuables from all types of liquids, precipitation, and moisture. We offer products small enough to fit in your front pocket to heavy-duty equipment that requires recessed wheels for mobility, Source has more than 100 sizes of gasketed cases to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of cases ranging from soft and flexible bags to hard, rugged containers (and everything in between). Our waterproof cases exceed the expectations of the military, outdoor enthusiasts and professional travelers alike.

We offer well-established, reliable brands — Aquapac, OtterBox, Pelican, SKB, Seahorse, VersaCase, Neptune and more — for waterproof protection that ranges from light to heavy-duty, depending on your requirements. Rely on the strength of our case construction to protect your valuables from the elements — from vinyl cases that grant full accessibility to your equipment to virtually indestructible plastic cases that provide hard knocks security.

Whether you need a stock application or a custom-built case for OEM applications, we have versatile waterproof cases to suit your every need.

Need a watertight case that meets airline carry-on requirements? Cases By Source has an extensive list of offerings perfect for your carry on case needs. Our Carry-On Cases Guidelines page details domestic airline carry-on regulations and will help you find the perfect case solution for your travel needs.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom case that matches your vision. Start the conversation with a free consultation!

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