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Bike Cases

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B&W Bike Box II

part no. interior: 45.3’’ x 31.9’’ x 11.0’’

B&W Bike Case II

part no. interior: 54.0’’ x 36.0’’ x 14.0’’

B&W Foldon Bag

part no.

B&W Bike Sack

part no. interior: 47.2’’ x 33.5’’ x 9.1’’

B&W Foldon Case

part no. interior: 24.0’’ x 24.6’’ x 94.0’’

B&W Foldon Box M

part no. interior: 32.1’’ x 28.7’’ x 16.3’’

B&W Bike Guard Curv

part no. interior: 51.2’’ x 33.1’’ x 11.2’’

B&W Bike Bag

part no. interior: 50.4’’ x 32.3’’ x 10.6’’

B&W Chain Guard

part no. interior: 24.0’’ x 11.0’’ x 0.4’’

B&W Wheelguard M

part no. interior: 27.0’’ x 2.0’’ x 27.0’’

B&W Wheelguard L

part no. interior: 30.0’’ x 2.0’’ x 30.0’’

B&W Double Wheelguard M

part no. interior: 27.0’’ x 6.0’’ x 27.0’’

Taking your bike on the road can be a scary proposition for a serious cyclist. Trying to drive with your bike perched on the outside of your car will have you double taking every car in a parking lot or any particularly bold passing bird. And flying? Forget...

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