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BluBox Cooler Box

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BluBox 90 QT Hard Cooler - Wheeled

part no. interior: 17.3’’ x 11.6’’ x 14.4’’

BluBox 16 QT Hard Cooler

part no. interior: 13.68’’ x 7.95’’ x 10.33’’

BluBox 30-QT Hard Cooler

part no. interior: 16.65’’ x 11.61’’ x 11.97’’

BluBox 45 QT Hard Cooler - Wheeled

part no. interior: 17.3’’ x 11.6’’ x 14.4’’

BluBox 70 QT Hard Cooler

part no. interior: 26.3’’ x 13.2’’ x 15.3’’

Introducing the BluBox Cooler Box Collection, designed with the adventurous at heart in mind. This range of coolers delivers exceptional cooling capabilities, sturdy construction, and cutting-edge features to elevate your outdoor adventures.

The collection includes everything from small, easy-to-carry models for brief outings to large, wheeled coolers perfect for major events and long journeys. Each cooler is equipped with advanced insulation technology that maintains ice for up to five days, and is built to withstand tough conditions with waterproof and UV-resistant materials. Additional conveniences include integrated bottle openers, self-draining cup holders, and detachable storage trays.

Ideal for various outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating, fishing, or simply enjoying nature, the BluBox Cooler Box Collection ensures your beverages stay refreshingly cold. With a full warranty backing each cooler, you can venture outdoors confidently. Discover the ideal cooler for your next adventure within our collection.

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