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Booth in a Box Trade Show Cases

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Booth in a Box Trade Show Case

part no. interior: 46.5’’ x 23.38’’ x 22.88’’

Our trade show shipping case with built-in tabletop not only functions as protective packaging for the transport of all your exhibit equipment, products, and literature, but also as a table and storage area for your 10' x 10' to 10' x 30' trade show booth. Unpack the case, unfold the table legs in the lid, and you get a 4’ or 8’-long table (depending on your needs) with cargo storage beneath, adding value to your exhibit and hidden opportunities for stowing additional materials. The best part? No more waiting at the end of the trade show for skids and shipping containers — everything remains in the booth so you can pack up and get to the airport.

Trade show exhibit set-up and dismantling should be easy, organized, and stress-free. It doesn't matter which show you attend, and it doesn't matter what type of business you're in. All that matters is that you have the right materials to get your products to and from the show as efficiently as possible, as safely as possible, and as cost-effectively as possible.

So why bother packing equipment into multiple boxes and containers? Why subject yourself to popcorn, bubble wrap, packing tape and banged-up corrugated cartons, when you can fit an entire 10'x10' exhibit in two cases and unpack them in less than half the time it takes other exhibitors to set up the same-sized booths?

The front-based lid of our durable 48" x 28" x 30" ATA shipping case transitions to a 4' table of adjustable height. Placed next to the base (which boasts 14.39 cubic feet of hidden storage) and covered with a drape, the disassembled case becomes a standard 8' trade show table on which you can showcase the merchandise you just unpacked. The empty base then becomes a discreet storage space for ancillary items.

The Return On Investment is indisputable: The cost of the case is reconciled with use at just one trade show: For what you spend on tables, labor, drayage, storage, and the manpower used for packing, unpacking and the waiting times for delivery of goods, you can get a reusable case that serves almost all your needs…and allows you to make that earlier flight so you can be home in time for dinner with your family.

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