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Classic V Rack

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"Pelican-Hardigg introduces the V-Series Rack Cases. These racks are fully stocked on both coasts. The V Series have full-boxed 19 inch steel racks with an added square hole pattern to make hanging electronics with tab mounts easy. They also include clip nuts to attach to the square holes for a secure, threaded mount. Obviously dropping your electronics can damage them, but a less apparent danger to your equipment is vibration. To prevent vibration from putting stress on your electronics, V-Series Cases have 8 heavy duty rubber shock mounts that isolate the frame inside the shell of the rackmount and dissipates movement. A polymer exterior absorbs impacts, as well.

What’s the difference between Class-V and Super-V? The Classic-V Series has a 33” depth frame and has longer shock mounts and a larger sway space between the rack and shell. This case also has 4 removable heavy-duty casters and stainless steel handles. Extra insurance if your equipment frequently ships via freight services."

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