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Pelican 9460 RALS LED Remote Area Lighting System

part no. interior: 23.25’’ x 14.0’’ x 9.25’’

Pelican 9470 RALS LED Remote Area Lighting System

part no. interior: 24.75’’ x 20.0’’ x 11.75’’

Flashlights are not a luxury, they are a necessity., nd for every application: scuba diving, police and military use, industrial applications, aviation, fire department use, and more. From NVG-compatible and IR flashlights to heavy-duty Xenon and LED submersible lights, Pelican Flashlights are guaranteed for life and built tough for extreme conditions.

The submersible lights provide intense illumination whenever and wherever you need it — on the road, in the field, in an emergency, at work or at play. Many of the lights are rated Class 1, Div. 1. Dependable construction and long-life design make this range of flashlights the ultimate solution for every requirement.

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