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B&W International bike box II

part no. interior: 45.3’’ x 31.9’’ x 11.0’’

B&W International bike case II

part no. interior: 51.2’’ x 32.1’’ x 12.6’’

B&W International bike sack

part no. interior: 47.7’’ x 33.5’’ x 9.1’’

B&W International foldon bag

part no. interior: 23.6’’ x 23.6’’ x 7.9’’

B&W Tool Case JET 5000

part no. interior: 16.3’’ x 11.3’’ x 6.3’’

B&W Outdoor Case Type 5500

part no. interior: 16.9’’ x 11.8’’ x 11.8’’

Helios Waterproof Case

part no. interior: 9.84’’ x 6.89’’ x 3.74’’

B&W International foldon bag pack

part no. interior: 24.0’’ x 23.2’’ x 13.4’’

B&W International foldon box S

part no. interior: 25.0’’ x 24.4’’ x 12.4’’

B&W International bike bag 2.0

part no. interior: 53.2’’ x 31.9’’ x 11.0’’

B&W Distance keeper

part no.

These rugged watertight cases are designed to protect fragile instrumentation and sensitive industrial equipment. They are used in the desert by the military, and in arctic conditions by scientists. The Helios cases have been tested under the most extreme conditions. They are designed for temperature ranges ranging from -40°F up to 176°F. They are watertight (submerge tested to 16 feet), dustproof, chemical resistant, corrosion-proof, and crackproof (drop tested from a height of 10 feet to a concrete floor).

Each model is available empty of foam filled with cubed “pick-n-pluck” foam sheets. Every Helios waterproof equipment case is backed by an Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee.

For optimal protection, consider custom foam or padded divider inserts. Our sales engineers can work with your team to design a solution to meet all your requirements."

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom case that matches your vision. Start the conversation with a free consultation!

Custom Solutions