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Laptop Shipping Cases

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ATA Roto-Molded Utility Case

part no. interior: 28.0’’ x 19.0’’ x 11.0’’

ATA Roto-Molded Utility Case

part no. interior: 32.0’’ x 19.0’’ x 19.0’’

Source offers 4 different Laptop Case configurations that safely transport 6, 8, 10 or 12 laptop computers. Laptop Shipping Cases are the perfect solution for transporting multiple laptop computers and provides rigid foam protection. These cases are made from roto-molded polyethylene plastic containing an integrated insert that combines the highest foams with rigid partitioning that yields outstanding protection for laptop computers and laptop accessories during shipment. Unlike solid foam interiors which seek to protect each individual piece, the interiors function as an integrated protection system that anticipates and compensates for the external and internal forces likely to occur during shipment. Laptop Shipping Cases not only provide better protection than solid foam interiors, they also take up less space, and decrease the required case size needed for a given number of laptops.

Laptop Shipping Cases features include; Made from rotationally molded polyethylene plastic, zinc hardware is standard unless otherwise noted in part number order, uniform wall thickness, extra rugged corner construction, recessed hardware for added protection, spring-loaded and rattle proof handles with 90° stops, cam action latches are standard with optional locking hasps, gasketed construction with integral tongue and groove closure interlocks top and bottom for environmental protection, integrally molded tongue and groove closure for a watertight seal and interlocking ribs on top and bottom allow for stacking of containers.

Meets ATA 300, Category 1, and applicable portions of MIL-T-28800, MIL-C-4150 and MIL-STD-108 specifications.

Custom configurations available for any number of laptops and notebooks, accessories, power supplies and cables.
Wide range of colors available using FED-STD-595 guidelines.

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