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Mitraset Rack Cases

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Zarges Mitraset 19" rack cases are designed to accommodate electronic devices in a 19" rack and are custom built-to-spec for protection from dust, water, heat and humidity, and electromagnetic interferences (radiowaves, lightning). The series is impact, shock and vibration-resistant, and is constructed in accordance with MIL-T 28800, MIL-STD 810F, EIA and IEEE standards. ZARGES Mitraset stackable rack cases feature a completely removable frame; reinforcement ribs; quick-release lids and countersunk spring-loaded handles and can be provisioned with additional options. The casing is made from precision-welded high strength aluminum sheets and profiles to which an elastically suspended anti-vibration frame made of extruded sections is fitted. The equipment to be protected is inserted in this frame and fastened to position. The anti-vibration frame is connected to the casing via rails and shock mounts, whereby the material and type of mount are selected in accordance with the application in question.These rack cases are the most advanced rackmount cases available, and can be customized to meet any military specification.

Zarges Mitraset Rack Cases have a range of features that include:

• Protection class IP 65 in accordance with DIN 40 050 and ICE 34-5/529

• Stacking battens and mating indentations on top and bottom of housing ensure secure stacking capabilities

• Extrusions provide for a stable frame profile

• Recessed, side mounted spring loaded handles; 2 or 4 per case

• Lids and all sides stiffened with formed rigidizing features

• 8 eleastomeric shock mounts with slide rails to support the anti-vibration frame

• Many standard rack heights and depths available

• Many standard options available for a wide variety of applications

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