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Mobile Armory Cases

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Hardigg Transport / Rifle Rack M4, M16 Case

part no. interior: 45.4’’ x 0.0’’ x 0.0’’

Rotationally molded Pelican Hardigg weapons cases provide a weapon-specific fit for maximum protection and minimum volume. These lockable weapons cases are lightweight, shockproof, airtight and watertight, heat-resistant with a pressure control valve and humidity indicator.

Many of these rugged polyethylene weapons cases have been combat tested by U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Special Forces, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA and police. The rotationally-molded Pelican Hardigg line of weapons cases includes: M2 machine gun cases, M4 rifle cases, M9 pistol cases, M16 rifle cases, MK19 grenade launcher cases, M24 sniper rifle cases, M60 machine gun cases, M203 grenade launcher cases, M240 machine gun cases and M249 SAW machine gun cases.

Pelican Hardigg’s rotomolded Mobile Armory cases are available in Olive Drab (OD Green), Desert Tan, gray, and black. All of the weapons cases can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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