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Mobile Master Cases

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Rotationally molded Mobile Master pallet-ready cases ensure your cargo arrives intact and ready to deploy. These modular polyethylene cargo containers are lightweight, reusable, watertight, airtight and recyclable.

Rugged Mobile Master cases/storage boxes maximize your space on 463L pallets, in 20- and 40-foot sea containers, and on commercial or military aircraft and vehicles (M1097, M923, M813, M1113 HMMWV). Non-slip ribs on these rotationally molded cases allow all four case sizes to fit firmly together for maximum usable space per pallet while inhibiting moisture or contamination.

The Mobile Master 72 is the smallest of the models and is ideal for delicate medical equipment, handhelds and other electronics. 72 cases (hence the name) will perfectly cube out a 463L pallet. Next up is the Mobile Master 36 which is useful for radios, medical supplies and small electronic equipment. 36 small cases fit perfectly on a 463L pallet. The medium-sized Mobile Master 24 modular cargo containers (which fit 24 to a 463L pallet) is perfect for radios, disaster supplies and midsize electronic equipment, etc. The Mobile Master 8 fits eight modular shipping boxes per pallet and is a great solution for large quantities of medical equipment, generators, heaters, tools, etc.

Available in Olive Drab (OD Green), Desert Tan, gray, and black, these cases can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom case that matches your vision. Start the conversation with a free consultation!

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