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Pelican ProGear

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Pelican ProGear 30QT Elite Cooler

part no. interior: 14.6’’ x 10.2’’ x 11.0’’

Pelican ProGear 50QT Elite Cooler

part no. interior: 17.5’’ x 11.0’’ x 13.7’’

Pelican ProGear 70QT Elite Cooler

part no. interior: 23.5’’ x 11.0’’ x 14.3’’

Pelican ProGear 95QT Elite Cooler

part no. interior: 27.34’’ x 12.0’’ x 17.62’’

Pelican ProGear 55 QT Tailgater Wheeled Cooler

part no. interior: 20.0’’ x 12.0’’ x 14.25’’

Introducing the ProGear series from Pelican Products. The ProGear series features backpacks, Hardbacks, cases and flashlights. The Elite and Tablet Backpacks both feature integrated Pelican case for the ultimate in crushproof, watertight and impact resistant protection. No other backpack measures up to this level of protection for laptops, tablets or netbooks. Along with the backpacks, ProGear features a line of Hardback and micro cases designed to protect tablets, eReaders, iPads and latop, and a line of LED lights.


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