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Pelican Coolers

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70QT Elite Cooler

part no.

14QT Personal Cooler

part no. interior: 12.75’’ x 7.25’’ x 8.75’’

80QW Elite Wheeled Cooler

part no. interior: 29.0’’ x 13.0’’ x 13.0’’

Dayventure Sling Cooler

part no.

Dayventure Backpack Cooler

part no.

95QT Elite Cooler

part no.

150QT Elite Cooler

part no.

50QT Elite Cooler

part no. interior: 17.5’’ x 11.0’’ x 13.7’’

65QW Elite Wheeled Cooler

part no.

30QT Elite Cooler

part no. interior: 14.6’’ x 10.2’’ x 11.0’’

20QT Elite Cooler

part no. interior: 12.0’’ x 6.7’’ x 14.1’’

45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler

part no. interior: 18.1’’ x 11.1’’ x 12.0’’
Discover Our Collection of Coolers

Durability, convenience, and extreme cooling power come standard with all Pelican coolers. Our soft- and hard-sided coolers are ultra-rugged and designed to keep your food and beverages colder for longer. They’re so advanced that they offer brilliant features you never knew you needed. Next-level ice retention is the main attraction, but features like built-in bottle openers, heavy-duty wheels, and integrated cup holders make these coolers the best of the best.

Pelican Coolers Are Built to Last

Whether you’re considering a compact backpack ice cooler or a heavy-duty large cooler with wheels, Pelican has the option to serve your unique needs. For camping, fishing, tailgating, and hosting a crowd, our durable hard coolers will keep your food and beverages cool for up to 10 days. Want to take your snacks and drinks with you as you hike, bike, or hit the beach? Invest in one of our soft coolers with padded straps for all-day comfort. No matter your destination or style of adventuring, Pelican has a cooler for the job.

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom case that matches your vision. Start the conversation with a free consultation!

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