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Hardigg 4U ProRack

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Hardigg 6U ProRack

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Hardigg 8U ProRack

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Hardigg 14U ProRack

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Hardigg 10U ProRack

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Rotationally molded ProRack rack mount cases are lightweight, space-efficient and open from both the front and back for rapid, easy access. Although they are not shock mounted or cushioned, these rugged 18” deep rackmounts are engineered with aircraft aluminum frame suspended on plastic fins to protect your gear from direct impact. Pelican Hardigg’s ProRack rackmount systems are designed for equipment up to 75 lbs., with a fragility from 80-120 G’s, including field-deployed amplifiers and electronic, medical or testing equipment components.

The standard color for the ProRack rack mount case is gray. Optional colors are black, white, Olive Drab (OD Green), Forest Green, dark blue, light blue, orange, dark yellow, light yellow, tan, red, maroon and purple.

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