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Remote Area Lighting Systems

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Pelican 9490 Remote Area Light

part no. interior: 21.0’’ x 14.6’’ x 5.7’’

Pelican 9460 RALS LED Remote Area Lighting System

part no. interior: 23.25’’ x 14.0’’ x 9.25’’

Pelican 9470 RALS LED Remote Area Lighting System

part no. interior: 24.75’’ x 20.0’’ x 11.75’’

Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) is a series of lights to provide portable emergency lighting for the most critical situations. Built for mobility over rough terrain, these self-contained assemblies combine rugged and reliable Pelican case construction with powerful and efficient LED lighting for a system that can be put together in minutes. Everything is self contained within the case: An aluminum pole extends to provide light for any area; a rechargeable battery guarantees hours of life at maximum output, and the diffuser can be mounted to change the beam from a focused spot to a diffused beam. The largest RALS case in the series features four light heads, and produces 8000 lumens making it a floodlight station to easily light a mobile work area for FEMA teams and the military. All systems are RoHS compliant and maintenance free. Be ready for every situation. All Pelican RALS lighting systems are guaranteed for life; you break it…they replace it — forever!

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