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Pelican Storm

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Pelican Storm iM2400 Watertight Case

part no. interior: 18.0’’ x 13.0’’ x 6.7’’

Pelican Storm iM2306 Watertight Case

part no. interior: 17.0’’ x 6.3’’ x 6.2’’

Pelican Storm iM2720 Watertight Recessed Wheeled Case

part no. interior: 22.0’’ x 17.0’’ x 10.0’’

Pelican Storm iM3410 Watertight Recessed Wheeled Long Case

part no. interior: 54.5’’ x 10.0’’ x 6.0’’

Pelican Storm iM2075 Watertight Case

part no. interior: 9.5’’ x 7.5’’ x 7.25’’

Pelican Storm iM2100 Watertight Case

part no. interior: 13.0’’ x 9.2’’ x 6.0’’

Pelican Storm iM2200 Watertight Case

part no. interior: 15.0’’ x 10.5’’ x 6.0’’

Pelican Storm iM2300 Watertight Case

part no. interior: 17.0’’ x 11.7’’ x 6.2’’

Pelican Storm iM2370 Watertight Laptop Case

part no. interior: 18.2’’ x 12.1’’ x 5.2’’

Pelican Storm iM2435 Storm Top Loader Case

part no. interior: 17.5’’ x 6.5’’ x 15.5’’

Pelican Storm iM2500 Watertight Recessed Wheeled Carry On Case

part no. interior: 20.5’’ x 11.5’’ x 7.2’’

Pelican Storm iM2450 Watertight Case

part no. interior: 18.0’’ x 13.0’’ x 8.4’’

Waterproof Pelican Storm Cases provide virtually unbreakable protection for commercial, military and industrial applications. Pelican Storm Cases provide the perfect solution for transporting sensitive, delicate, expensive and vital equipment. Engineered with HPX high-performance resin, rugged and watertight Pelican Storm injection-molded Cases are also airtight and dent- and shatter-resistant. Storm cases are the finest in the industry and offer unparallel quality and workmanship.

Pelican Storm cases are available in 23 sizes, in three standard colors. Each lightweight, waterproof injection molded case offers a variety of standard and customizable features, including padded dividers, lid/utility organizers, Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam, shoulder straps, adjustable bezel/panel mounts and optional lid stays. Easy and comfortable transporting is made by the Storm's ergo-grip handle. Pelican Storm injection molded cases can also be fitted with a variety of built-to-spec interiors to protect anything from photo equipment and laptops to weapons and scuba gear. These waterproof cases are built in the USA and are guaranteed for life.

If you can't find a Storm case that meets your requirements, consider a Pelican case which are available in over 50 sizes.

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